A farm design and planning service like no other

18 May , 2023  

Twelve years on from its inception, Agri Design and Planning Services is now firmly established as Ireland’s premier provider of bespoke, professional and value-added farm building and farmyard design services. We travelled to Tipperary and touched bas with founder / proprietor Aidan Kelly to get an update on this remarkable success story. As the name […]


Agri Design & Planning Services approaches 10-year mark

30 Mar , 2021  

Agri Design & Planning Services provides its clients with a reliable and independent service from initial discussion to first use. Irish Tractor & Agri caught up with owner and founder Aidan Kelly recently to learn more about the Co Tipperary-based business. 2021 will see Agri Design & Planning Services (ADPS) marking 10 years in business […]


Designing for the future

25 Oct , 2018  

If you are thinking about building a new dairy unit or even just a new parlour there are lots of things to consider and decide before you get work started on site;  Building location, internal layout, building size, site levels existing and proposed, relationship to other buildings, proposed costs, parlour type and size, planning approval, […]