New generation for all models of the Fendt 300 Vario series

7 Feb , 2020  

The greater need for clear controls and a larger functional scope now extends to other tractors, including the Fendt 300 Vario series. As a result, after the top-end model Fendt 314 Vario was introduced at Agritechnica 2019, you can now order the new operating concept FendtONE for the entire Fendt 300 Vario series.

The Fendt 300 Vario series includes four models (Fendt 311 Vario, Fendt 312 Vario, Fendt 313 Vario, Fendt 314 Vario) with outputs ranging from 113 to 142 hp (ECE R120). With the DynamicPerformance power boost concept, the Fendt 314 Vario reaches 152 hp. The AGCO Power engine meets Emissions Stage V with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) but without exhaust gas recirculation. There are also maintenance-free hydraulic valve lifters built into the engine.

All models are available to order from February 2020 in the upgraded variants Power, Profi and Profi+. From September 2020, the Fendt 300 Vario will be delivered in its Profi and Profi+ versions. Power models will roll out from January 2021.

New operating concept for the Fendt 300 Vario Power

The Fendt 300 Vario Power concept was completely reworked, with an emphasis on comfortable and intuitive tractor use. These include the new control armrest, which is mounted on the driver’s seat itself, the new multifunction joystick and electric valves.

As well as the new armrest, the operating concept FendtONE also includes a 10″ digital dashboard on the steering column. The dashboard display includes the driving speed, engine speed and fluid levels. On the road, drivers can immediately see all the information they need. Use the push-dial on the armrest to select and edit various menus, including the joystick assignment, the hydraulic valves settings and engine and transmission functions. For the first time, users of the Fendt 300 Vario Power now have a digital screen and more scope for customisation, to make machine settings easier and clearer.

By popular demand, a spring-loaded front axle is now also fitted as standard, as are the Visctronic fan and air conditioning. The auto air-con and front power lift with load-relief control are available for the first time as optional extras on Power models.

Improved ergonomics on the Fendt 300 Vario Profi

The Fendt 300 Vario Profi model has an optional 12″ terminal on the armrest as well as the 10″ digital dashboard. All the displays work in unison, so the panes can show the various features in the terminal at the same time. Depending on your personal needs, you can have one terminal show ISOBUS applications and tractor functions at the same time. As an option, another 12″ terminal can be fitted into the roof, to display a camera system, for example, in full screen.

The multifunction joystick and a cross-shift lever on the armrest come as standard on the Fendt 300 Vario Profi. These make the various tractor functions comfortable and flexible to control. There is an optional 3L joystick available instead of the cross-shift lever. This can be used, among other things, to control the front loader with a silage shovel with built-in direction-change function or you can choose to assign up to 27 ISOBUS functions to control complex attachments.

Compact and versatile – the Fendt 300 Vario Profi+

Track guidance is becoming increasingly important for other tractors. The Fendt 300 Vario Profi+ (formerly ProfiPlus) comes with Fendt Guide (formerly VarioGuide) as standard. This includes the field data management feature. You can manage the run-outs from home then send the job to the machine. This means orders including the field boundaries and track lines can be carried out with Fendt Guide on the tractor. All the fields are then worked based on the same data record used across the entire fleet. Fendt TI (Teach In) Auto and the Fendt Guide Contour Assistant are optional extras.

Further options on these models are also Section Control and VariableRateControl. This equips the Fendt 300 Vario Profi+ perfectly for sowing, fertilising and for plant protection jobs. The 12″ terminal on the armrest comes as standard to give you a clear overview of the extensive range of options, especially when working with complex attachments. The Profi+ variant can also be ordered with a second 12″ terminal (optional) in the roof, so that the different tractor functions can be divided into three display areas onscreen.

The Fendt 300 Vario Profi+ also includes the options Fendt TaskDoc (formerly VarioDoc Pro) and Fendt Task Manager. The Fendt Task Manager lets you manage jobs at home and send them straight from the office to the machine via the mobile network. Once the job is complete, it is sent back to the operations manager. This makes it much easier to organise tasks and manage staff from wherever you are.

You can order the Infotainment bundle, as we know it from the Fendt 314 Vario, with a 4.1 sound system with hands-free speaking system and subwoofer as optional extras on Profi and Profi+ machines.

FendtONE will initially be rolled out in Germany, France and United Kingdom before being expanded to other markets.