Michelin Agri Tyres top of the crops for Wharram and Kay’s new Bateman Sprayer

18 Jul , 2022  

Wharram and Kay is reporting positive results on foot of fitting its new Bateman RB35 self-propelled crop sprayer with Michelin AxioBib 2 tyres.

The York-based crop farming operation says it has seen vastly improved stability coupled with the ability to run the sprayer, which carries a 4,000l tank, on very wet ground thanks to the soil protection qualities of the VF 650/60 R38 fitments.

Commenting, co-owner at Wharram and Kay, Roger Kay, explains: “We apply a liquid fertiliser with our sprayer and that has a higher density than water so when you have 4,000 litres on board, you can effectively be carrying a five-tonne payload. 

“On our old sprayer we were operating at the extreme levels of the tyres’ capacity. We needed a bigger footprint, to spread the weight and minimise compaction.”

Bateman Engineering modified the sprayer with extra deep tyre hubs, adapted the suspension and moved the position of the fuel tank to accommodate the tyres.

“The performance is very much improved,” says Kay. “The new tyres give us far more stability than we’ve had in the past. We are often farming on marginally drained land and for us timing is of the essence. Especially from early February onwards when we need to get the fertiliser on to kickstart the year’s growth on crops like hybrid barley and oil seed rape. These bigger tyres will allow us to travel in conditions that we might not have been able to in the past.”

Benefitting from Michelin’s Ultraflex Technology, the AxioBib 2 range is designed to provide excellent traction for high-horsepower heavy farm machinery and can run at very low pressures, minimising soil compaction and crop damage in the field.

Wharram and Kay will switch the sprayer onto narrower VF 480/80 R42 MICHELIN SprayBib tyres during the spring, to ensure the machine can work effectively in the crop rows.

“The SprayBibs will give the sprayer a massive under body clearance so they are very kind to the crops and, like the AxioBib 2, they have a very large rolling diameter, so there’s always a big area of tyre in contact with the ground,” adds Kay.

Established in 1976, Wharram and Kay offers a range of farming and contracting services, managing more than 650 hectares within a nine-mile radius of its base at Providence House, in Crockey Hill.