Crop Farmer praises Michelin Agri Tyres

21 Mar , 2024  

York-based Wharram and Kay has specified its new Fendt 728 tractor with the latest generation of Michelin EvoBib agricultural tyres, having been impressed with the performance of the previous range of the high-technology fitments.

Said to be the first agricultural tyre on the market specifically designed to be used with Central Tyre Inflation Systems (CTIS), the EvoBib can provide excellent performance both on the road and in the field due to its adaptive design.

Commenting, Wharram and Kay co-owner, Roger Kay, says: “For seed drilling operations, I believe EvoBib is simply the best tyre out there because of the way it can spread the tractor’s weight across the ground and how kind it is on the soil.”

The new Michelin EvoBib offers a footprint variation of 47 per cent* between road and field, double that of a VF (Very High Flexion) tyre such as the Michelin AxioBib 2 that would have usually been used with a CTIS. The tread design has also been adapted to improve longevity and offer excellent traction capabilities until the end of the tyre’s life. 

Additionally, in the new EvoBib the tyre casing is now PFO (Pressure Field Operation) rated, a standard that allows manufacturers to increase the load capacity of their tyres for field use.

For Wharram and Kay, it will be used predominantly for seed drilling work in the field, and pulling trailers and machinery from job to job while out on the road.

“The Fendt has a VarioGrip CTIS onboard which inflates and deflates the tyres accordingly,” adds Kay. “We’re looking forward to seeing the impact of this latest version of the EvoBib. On the ones we have used previously there was a massive difference in the contact area on the ground with other VF tyres we’d used, which is so important. 

“They really alleviate any soil compaction which meant that the crop emergence was very uniformed, there was no delay in emergence behind the tractor wheelings, for instance, which we had experienced before.”

Established in 1976, Wharram and Kay offers a range of farming and contracting services, managing more than 650 hectares within a nine-mile radius of its base at Providence House, in Crockey Hill.