Zetor link with Italian car designers Pininfarina leads to new tractor design concept

12 Nov , 2015  

A link-up between legendary Italian car designers Pininfarina – stylists to Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce and others – and famed Czech tractor maker Zetor has led to the creation of a new tractor design concept that already is the talk of Agritechnica and may soon be turning heads on Irish roads.

The Zetor by Pininfarina concept, as the new modular design is called, is one that Zetor says will be applied across its product range.

Carrying with it the suggestion that tractor design is about to follow style trends long evident in the motor industry, the Zetor by Pininfarina study brings emotion, dynamism and style to what traditionally has been a purely practical item of farm machinery.

With components aligned in what Zetor says is a ‘modular’ way, its most visual style features include an iconic new front-end bonnet and lights arrangement. Its tilting and gradual forward-sloping hood, gracefully shaped side panels, cooling vents and use of two-tone paint are features that Zetor claims all hint at the world of competitive motoring with which Pininfarina has long been associated.

Commenting, Zetor views the collaboration as one that commemorates its 70th anniversary in a way that, when brought into production, will strengthen the brand’s global prestige. Promised in the statements announcing the new design approach is a further expansion of the Zetor product portfolio.