Zetor at the National Ploughing Championships – promising a ‘more pronounced presence’

27 Aug , 2019  

Giving further expression to their recently announced plan to set their brand on a new and more progressive path in Ireland, Czech tractor manufacturer Zetor will have what Nigel Wilson, their UK and Ireland managing director says will be ‘a more pronounced presence’ at the forthcoming National Ploughing Championships.

Supported by what he calls an ‘enthused and invigorated’ dealer network – backed by the hands-on ownership of the company’s HQ in Brno – Zetor’s attendance at the three-day event will centre around their expanded and upgraded range, including some models new to Ireland and others equipped with improved specifications, new technology and eye-catching bodywork.

Centre stage will be the range-topping CRYSTAL HD170 whose many features include a number of upgrades and Zetor’s own ECO 40 transmission delivering a top speed of 40 km/h at lower rpm, decreased noise and engine wear, and up to 20% better fuel economy.

Making its debut will be the new, more powerful PROXIMA CL110 T2 with its larger wheels and extra horsepower, alongside a 117hp PROXIMA HS120 T2 equipped with Zetor System ZQ4s front-end loader, while a definite eye-catcher will be their MAJOR CL80, now sporting attractive and trendy bodywork created by legendary Italian auto designer, Pininfarina.

Another attention-getter will be the new FORTERRA, appearing in its large HSX140 version, described by their sales manager, Gerry Rabbitte as ‘a solid performer for owners who prefer a straightforward clutch and gearbox operation for feeder wagon and dump trailer work’. Bookending the line-up will be the UTILIX HT55, Zetor’s compact and manoeuvrable offering for small farms, yards, parks, gardens and sports facilities use.

Viewing the occasion as the ‘ideal springboard’ from which to launch Zetor’s new partnership with Finance Ireland through which customer purchases and dealer stocking can be funded, Nigel Wilson said: “across the board, Zetor is now configured to be more competitive than it has been in recent times”.

“Spearheaded by our realigned and reinvigorated 10-strong dealer network, it will be an ideal occasion on which to meet those prospective dealers we need to bring our network up to the 15 or so outlets required to fill our remaining vacancies, North and South of the border,” Wilson added.