“We are passionate about providing a genuinely valuable service”

5 Jan , 2021  

Ward Consultancy Services in based in Ballybay, Co Monaghan and provides a wide range of services to a large customer base. For this month’s edition of Irish Tractor & Agri, we speak to company MD Ruairi Ward about the agricultural sector and what they have to offer their clients.

We all need advice from time to time, regardless of our situation and for farmers, there are experts out there dedicated to supporting their every need.

Services include farm technical advice in all areas of farming; Farm planning; acquisitions, planting & management; Farm management and consultancy; Farm Accounts, Income Tax, PAYE, VAT, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance and Gift Tax; European Union (EU) and Government related schemes in agriculture and farming e.g. GLAS, TAMS and nutrient management planning, Early Retirement Schemes, Leader, Area Aid, Educational Courses etc.

Ward Consultancy Services was established in 1999 and since then they have provided an array of services to its ever-increasing customer base.

Their client base covers the complete range of organisations from smallholdings to large dairy farms; from market gardens to extensive cereal operations; from family farms to PLC’s, professionals and Government organisations. No operation is too small or too large to benefit from their services. Their understanding of the rural sector and the agricultural industry allows them to fine tune their service to offer sound, practical advice and guidance whatever the situation.

“We are passionate about providing a genuinely valuable service that can actually make a difference to your business, not just writing reports that are meaningless and feel like a waste of money. As well as undertaking the services provided, we can also make ourselves available for ongoing help and support, being a voice of support whilst making difficult or challenging business changes,” said Ruairi.

“Our farm business consultants have many years of experience in practical farming, consulting, joint venture development, operation implementation and providing innovative workable solutions to a range of practical issues.

“We help out farmers in a number of areas like machinery grants, preparation for annual audits, dealing with solicitors and accountants, so it is a job that never gets boring.”

From time to time the need is reactive, driven by factors outside of the control of the business. Other times farmers seek assistance in proactive planning and management, driving and controlling the direction and growth of their business.

Whatever the driver or reason, Ward Consultancy Services can assist in providing you with highly practical, realistic and achievable advice. They are completely confidential and independent, and they take the time to really understand the aims and objectives of your business.

“During this time, we have continued to provide in depth, original, effective and independent advice to our clients which has given us a reputation for excellence that is second to none within the industry.”

You will have the reassurance of knowing that you are employing consultants with a proven track record, who you can depend upon to help you make the right decisions.

The client will be able to discuss their concerns or new ideas with a farm consultant who is familiar with their business and has an in depth understanding of modern profitable farming.

“Trust is something that must be earned, and we would have the trust of all our customers. They are basically putting their livelihoods in our hands, so you can understand their hesitancy when they first come to us.

“But we would have customers here that we call our friends as we have worked with them so long and they rely on our help whether it is just advice or applying for any grants that are available.

“Farmers want to farm, and they don’t want to be tied up with paperwork all the time, so that is where we come in. Our advice can help you make timely and informed decisions over the future of your business and help you to focus hard on achieving your objectives for your business through, for example, increasing profit, best use of labour, succession planning, expansion and improved technical efficiency.

Ruairi is a member of Agricultural Consultants Association. The ACA was established in 1979 with its business name registered in 1981 to represent Independent Agricultural Consultants in Ireland. The Agricultural Consultants Association (ACA) currently have 159 professional members with a further 400 professional, technical and administration staff employed with our members throughout Ireland.

ACA members must have a minimum of a level 8 qualification in Agriculture and Horticulture. Members must have Professional Indemnity, abide by the Association’s Constitution and Code of Ethics and comply with the annual requirements of Continuous Professional Development.

Many of their members are publicly recognized as leading experts in their particular fields and many are frequently featured in media comment on events as they unfold in the agricultural sector.

“I have been a member of the ACA for many years now and they play a very active role in dealing with the changes that occur on a regular basis within the agricultural sector.

“Farming in general is in a good place and there is a lot of positivity within the industry. There are issues within the beef sector and probably the biggest threat in that area is Brexit.

“I do personally believe that Ireland will be protected, there is a lot of connections there between Ireland and the UK and we work well together, so hopefully a solution can be found to the issue.

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First published in Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 8 No 4, December 2020