Upgraded T9 Range: the Versatile High Power Tractor for gets even better

23 Feb , 2015  

The T9 Series is the most powerful tractor in the New Holland range and provides a simple, high horsepower solution for large scale farmers, with its competitive price, low running costs, superior operator comfort and soil-friendly tyres. This latest upgrade ramps up its powerful performance, further improves operator comfort and reduces operating costs.

“The T9 in standard frame version has been developed for the European markets, providing a tractor that can utilise 900mm wide high traction tyres, yet remaining within the 3.00 meter transportation requirement,” comments Luca Mainardi, Head of Tractor and Precision Land Management Product Management. “The higher models use a heavy duty frame, which is perfect for broad area, small grain growers and large arable farmers where equipment width accommodates a wider footprint. The soil-friendly tyre offering gives advantages in both reduced soil damage at headlands and reduced operator fatigue when moving between fields.”

ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology delivers Tier 4B compliance and a powerful performance
The T9 meets Tier 4B emissions standards with New Holland’s ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR proven technology that New Holland has adopted for its high horsepower tractor ranges. It has the highest conversion efficiency in the industry of 95% and has multiple advantages for customers. First of all, it is an evolution of the Tier 4A ECOBlue™ solution, so there is no change in the way the machine operates. It is highly efficient with low fuel and AdBlue consumption, and because of the simple installation, it is able to deliver the same or more power than its predecessor.

Best-in-class cab and improved ergonomics provide the ultimate driving experience
The best-in-class cab design makes the T9’s impressive proportions shrink around the operator and is packed with features that make operation easy and comfortable. The award winning SideWinder™ II armrest offers the ultimate in ergonomic operation, as all controls naturally fall to hand. The CommandGrip™ multi function handle controls the tractor functions that are used most frequently. The Ultra Command™ transmission gear change, Ground Speed Management, IntelliSteer™ and Headland Turn are on the handle itself for intuitive operation. It has been further improved with more responsive, soft touch buttons and backlighting. A thumb wheel has also been integrated to make the adjustment of Ground Speed Management target speeds very easys.

Best-in-class hydraulic performance
The T9 delivers the best hydraulic performance in its segment with up to eight rear-mounted remote valves. The standard pump delivers up to 159 litres/minute. An optional high flow version delivers up to 216 litres/minute that can be raised to a total of 428 litres/minute when combined with a Mega Flow™ pump. With this hydraulic power the T9 operates the most power hungry implements with ease.

The SideWinder II armrest provides four paddle controls for the remote valves, that fall immediately to hand, with the remaining four valves either controlled by the CommandGrip or jointly by the CommandGrip and an additional two paddles. Some of our customers expressed a preference for paddles to control remote valves, so we added a two paddle pod to raise the number of paddle controlled valves to six.

New PTO gearing cuts down on noise, vibration and fuel consumption
The upgraded T9 also introduces a new PTO gearing that delivers 1000 rpm PTO speed at 1,800 revs instead of the 2,000 of its predecessor. This results in an even quieter cab, lower vibration and less fuel consumption. More economy and more comfort for the operator.