The safe use of ATV’s is vital for the safety of all operators

2 Mar , 2023  

The use of an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle – quad) is becoming more popular on farms throughout Ireland. Raising awareness in the safe use of ATV’s is vital for the safety of all operators.  New legislation will come into effect in Ireland on 20 November 2023 which will require all operators of an ATV to complete a relevant safety course. ATV’s are built in such a way that they can be used on all kinds of terrain and certain models can be used on public roads providing they adhere to the road traffic regulations. However, in the last number of years, the number of accidents and incidents involving ATV’s has greatly increased. According to the HSA statistics, between 2012 and 2021 there were 11 fatalities on farms as a result of incidents involving ATV’S. These powerful machines, when in inexperienced hands or on unsuitable terrain, have the potential to severely injure or cause death. The number of accidents and near misses on farms are a cause for concern. Past HSA investigations pinpointed a lack of training and no head protection as the main cause of accidents. The new legislation will mean that all users of ATV’S in connection with their work will be obliged to undergo mandatory training and wear head protection. This legislation was signed off by Minister Damien English who was the Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail. With this new legislation in place, it is hoped that the number of accidents involving ATV’s will be reduced and thus save lives. The participants of every authorised course will gain the knowledge, skills and attitude to operate an ATV in a competent and safe manner and once complete they will receive a certificate in competence which will be valid for 5 years.  The professional course will provide information on machine safety, the law, transmissions, vehicle inspection, riding techniques, hill climbs and carrying loads and riding on diverse terrain.

At DHK Safety Ltd we have ATV Lantra qualified trainers and are raising awareness for farmers regarding the new legislation coming into force next November ad offering training for all users of ATV’S. We are currently taking bookings for persons working in the farming, forestry and commercial industry to ensure compliance in advance of next November. A specifically designed outdoor course has been constructed in Meath and will facilitate students on a one to one, or small group training. Alternatively, our trainer can go to your place of business to deliver the certified course, once your terrain is suitable. Get in contact with us on or 0862431210 for further information and advice.