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23 Nov , 2016  

For more than eight years now Rohan Engineering in Co Limerick have been manufacturing a wide variety of agricultural equipment. Irish Tractor & Agri caught up with one of the key men behind the company, Garry Rohan, to find about the business and they’re latest piece of machinery.

The agricultural sector has never been an easy game to concur and to pick up and start a company in the middle of a stinging economic downturn certainly doesn’t make it any easier to succeed in the industry.

However, for Eddie and Garry Rohan they were always confident that with Rohan Engineering they had the right ingredients to make their business a success and, to this day, few can argue that it hasn’t been.

Rohan Engineering was first set-up in 2008 and since that they it has continually and successfully manufactured a range of different equipment for the agricultural sector.

The family outfit specifically specialises in manufacturing equipment for bale handling, something which it has developed a craft for down through the years.

“We’re based in Adare in Co Limerick and we’re established since 2008,” explained Garry Rohan, who co-founded the company.

“My father Eddie and I run the company and we’d have four working here altogether full-time, so we are kept quite busy in what we do here.”

Rohan Engineering is an agricultural engineering company that manufacturers and distributes farm machinery equipment all over the Munster region and beyond.

From there headquarters Adare, the company supplies Bale handling equipment, Ploughs and a range of agricultural farm machinery throughout Munster.

Rohan Engineering supplies agricultural machinery and farm machinery equipment in all areas of Munster, including counties Limerick, Cork, Clare, Tipperary, Waterford and Kerry.

“Basically, what we do is manufacture agri machinery for front loaders, bale handlers and other different kind of equipment,” Garry outlined.

“I’d have spent my time as fitter before I came into this line of work and my father was always involved in the agri industry, so we’re here now and happy to report that we’re heading towards another busy summer now again.

“The silage cutting in the summer keeps us busy and we’ll be flat out from now until September again.”

Specialising in bale handling equipment, Rohan Engineering provides a modern range of Bale handling machinery attachments and accessories.

The agricultural bale handling attachments supplied by Rohan Engineering are of robust construction and are suitable for all models of bale handling machinery.

Bale handling machinery and attachments supplied and manufactured by Rohan Engineering in Limerick include: Bale Slicer, Bale splitter, Bale Shear, Bale Lifter, Bale grab, Twin Bale lifter, Heavy duty Bale lifter, Bale spikes, Universal bale spikes and Bale handling machinery.

Heavy-duty silage forks with or without push-off systems are available from Munster farm machinery manufacturer and supplier Rohan Engineering.

Rohan Engineering supplies all farm machinery products, including shear grabs, to famers and contractors in Munster at an affordable cost.

This agricultural engineering company also supplies silage forks throughout Munster farm machinery parts such as: Heavy Duty Silage forks, Shear grabs, Buck rakes, Silage grapes, Buckrakes and Grass forks.

As a leading agricultural engineering company, Rohan Engineering manufactures a wide range of Grab buckets and mole drainers suitable for farm machinery.

Excavator buckets and Mole drainers supplied by Rohan Engineering are available all throughout Munster in various sizes and widths and come with a manufacturers guarantee.

The company manufactures and supplies agricultural equipment from its factory in Limerick, such as: Grab Buckets, Excavator buckets, Mole drainers, Drain buckets, Single leg mole drainers, Twin leg mole drainers, Digging grading buckets, Digging riddle buckets, Tilting grading riddle buckets, Turf loading buckets, Cemetery buckets and Tile drain or “V” Bucket.

As a farm machinery manufacturer, they supply folding land leveler’s with cutting blades and reverse blades throughout Munster.

Land leveler’s in standard size or heavy duty size with no maintenance required are manufactured and supplied in Munster by Rohan Engineering.

A supplier and manufacturer of land levellers, they also provide land levelers that are: Heavy Duty Construction, Ideal for contracting and land reclamation, Heavy-duty cylinder instead of ram, Narrow transport length, Double jaw support for lift arm pins, Covers a larger area of ground and provide High productivity.

At present, the company are preparing to launch a new hydraulic double bale handler which is the first of its kind in this class of machine.

The bale handler has two pivoting legs mounted on its frame and both legs are independently powered by hydraulic rams, with the middle section fixed with a robust design and the centre bar giving stability to both bales when they’re loaded on.

The idea behind fitting the machine with large diameter pipes and rollers is so as to put less stress on the plastic of the wrapped bales. There is also a rubber damper in order to prevent noise and wear on the machine itself.

The machine itself is 7ft and 9in wide, which is well under the legal road requirements, and weighs just under 360kg, so is therefore light enough to be used by most modern tractors today. Given that most silage bales weigh somewhere between 600 and 700kg, the machine will weigh under 200-tonne once it’s loaded with bales.

Rohan Engineering are offering a changeover valve with the machine, allowing it to be used by every kind of front loading machine that has a lift capacity of two tonnes or more.

So when can we expect it to be unveiled?

“The first demonstrations of the new hydraulic double base handler that we deigned here will  take place in October,” Garry concluded.

Rohan Engineering
Address: Tuogh, Adare,
Co. Limerick

Tel: 087 6210803
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.rohanengineering.ie

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 4 No 6, July/August 2016