New Komatsu 10-strong timber Grapples range launched

27 Oct , 2022  

With the launch of their newly-designed timber grapples range, Komatsu aims to bring ‘enhanced productivity’ to the timber felling and transportation process.

Compatible with most common makes of forwarders, most types of truck cranes and other timber handling vehicles, the new grapples are set for market arrival in Ireland early next year.

The ten-strong range is divided into standard, bioenergy (brushwood) and heavy-duty applications. Six size-classes range from the G82 (which holds 0.26 m2) to the G87H (which holds a full 0.50 m2).

Design-wise, their larger opening offers better wood pile penetration, making it easier for logs to roll into the grapple, thereby saving precious time. Other refinements deliver improvements when it comes to gathering and straightening the timber, ensuring a more productive grapple which, in turn, helps increase profitability for contractors.

Other more durable design enhancements – one being a guard to protect the piston rod from knocks from below – include new design features that deliver longer service with pin and cone designs upgraded to lessen the risk of play.

On heavy-duty models, grapple claws are made from high-strength, wear-resistant steel to ensure grapples deliver even greater durability in demanding forest environments. Robust and durable features from previous models are also retained, as is the fast- opening function for unloading the timber.

According to Komatsu forest machinery distributor in Ireland, McHale Plant Sales: “With their new log grab system, Komatsu has ensured that contractors can employ an even more efficient unit for lifting cut lengths of timber for transport to the forest fringe”.