New IntelliCruise™ Feed Rate Control System Maximises Baling Productivity and Minimises Costs

25 Feb , 2015  

New Holland introduced the new IntelliCruise™ feed rate control system on the Standard and CropCutter™ BigBaler 1270 and BigBaler 1290 large square balers, which can be operated with the new, ISOBUS Class III compatible T7 AutoCommand™ tractor.

This feature addresses the main challenges faced by farmers when baling. Varying crop yields in a field mean that the resulting swaths are not consistent, which makes it difficult to maintain a constant feed rate and to use the full capacity of the baler. IntelliCruise enables the baler to run at optimal performance by controlling the speed of the tractor.

Bob Hatz, Head of Hay and Forage Product Management, explains: “IntelliCruise automatically adjusts the forward speed of the tractor in relation to the crop yield going into the baler, resulting in a optimal crop feeding rate. With this feature there is no need to monitor tractor speed, so that operator fatigue is greatly reduced. It also makes it possible for an inexperienced operator to achieve high productivity levels.”