New Holland Updates Fixed Chamber Round Baler Offering For 2024

17 Nov , 2023  

Beneath the refreshed styling of New Holland’s fixed chamber Roll Baler 125 standalone and wrapper combination balers for 2024 are a number of improvements and enhancements designed to ensure high productivity and ease-of-use. The balers, which produce bales 1.25m high and 1.22m wide from a 2.3m five-bar double cam pick-up, 470mm feed rotor, 20-knife CropCutter™ chopping unit and 18 rollers, now benefit from higher-grade chain drives in key areas such as the intake rotor and bale chamber, for enhanced durability and power delivery in heavy crops, and a longer lifetime. The gearbox angle has been improved to maximize PTO shaft lifetime, while there is now a new 1,000rpm PTO option for both standalone and combi models.

To improve crop flow through the 1,200mm-wide Hardox feed rotor with 10 mmm finger thickness, has received a scraper to minimize ‘back-feeding’ and helping keep down power consumption. Refinements that help reduce cleaning time by reducing crop and dust accumulation include redesigned bale chamber tailgate hooks and spring location. On Combi models, enhancements prevent build-up around hydraulic hoses, and reduce accumulation around the roller drive chains. Overall machine strength and durability on the combination models have been enhanced with the use of advanced welding processes and extended connection plates between baler and wrapper, and there are now greaseable bushings on the tailgate lock on both Roll Baler 125 models. The durability of the dropfloor action has been improved with the addition of a new bushing for the pivot.

On both machines, bale, workrate has been boosted by up to 40% faster tailgate opening speed. The quarter-turn bale deposit function benefits from an update including a stronger gas strut to ease the manual force needed when changing between work and transport positions.

“For over forty years New Holland has produced the best Round Balers, and the Roll Baler is benefiting of this long expertise, it is known to match customers demand and deliver the best quality bales in the industry.” says Laurent Libbrecht, Head of Crop Production and Hay & Forage, New Holland Agriculture. “With this new updated version we provide clients a new, more durable, more reliable product to increase productivity.”

Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland Agriculture says: “The new look of our Balers is aligned with an overall refreshed style that we call “Inspired by Nature”. It gives to the whole range a more modern feeling, in line with the New Holland brand of today, which is still the farming specialist, a full liner but also a specialist in innovation, new technologies for agriculture and the leader in sustainability. We wanted the new look to reflect all of that, without forgetting that the product updates are not only about style but technology and efficiency as well.”