New Holland announces updates to MyPLM Connect Farm Platform

29 Mar , 2021  

New Holland has announced the first major update of 2021 for the MyPLM® Connect Farm desktop platform and mobile app, giving producers even more power and flexibility to manage their operation anytime, anywhere. The latest update includes support for prescriptions, tillage and large square balers; new layer visualisations; machine utilisation maps; and more. From the fast, easy-to-use interface to advanced full-farm data visualisation and overlaid geospatial boundaries, MyPLM Connect Farm provides users with a continually expanding feature set designed to optimise performance, productivity and flexibility at no cost to them.

“Connectivity is becoming an integral part of a farmer’s operation, as they are increasingly relying on their machines to collect data, just like we do with our smartphones in our daily life. That is why we have included MyPLM Connect telematics as base equipment on all the T7 and CR ranges,” said Alessio Quatraro, New Holland Connected Services product manager, Europe.

“At New Holland, we are providing our customers with the most intuitive solutions to get the job done easily. Since we integrated the AgDNA cloud-based Farm Management Information System now known as PLM Connect into MyPLM, we have continued to improve and extend data visualisation and compatibility. The improvement to the MyPLM Connect portal is another step forward in providing our customers with the best tools to monitor and visualise the data collected in the field through their connected machines.

“We also redesigned the interface in the MyPLM Connect Farm app to enhance our customers’ user experience as they use it in their daily life. This is a fundamental element in the customer journey. We are constantly working to improve our digital products to meet the different needs of
farmers,” he said.

With the latest update to the MyPLM Connect Farm app, users have access to a wealth of field information when they select a map from the main map screen. With just a few taps, users can now view field-specific data, such as activity layers, scouting observations and soil zone data. Field and vehicle-specific data is more accessible than ever, with complete field and vehicle lists.

Users of large square balers will now be able to view the imported data and display activity layers in MyPLM Connect Farm. Additionally, users can now select the specific bale drop location. Once selected, a pin will show the location of each bale within the field. The user can view individual bales and specific details by clicking on the pin for the given bale. Displayed information for each bale includes wet/dry weight, moisture percentage, density, capacity and flakes per bale.

New Holland invites its customers to visit and create their free account, allowing them to fully experience MyPLM Connect with their own operation’s data. They will have peace of mind that it is safe and secure in the MyPLM Connect cloud, where they will be able to access and manage it. Customers can download the MyPLM Connect Farm mobile app on their Android or Apple IOS device for free, to keep their operation running smoothly anywhere, anytime.