New features for Massey Ferguson’s new generation butterfly mower and four rotor rake

4 Aug , 2022  

Massey Ferguson is strengthening its hay and forage harvesting range with a choice of conditioners for its new generation butterfly mowers, along with further features to boost productivity on its widest four-rotor rake.

“Since its launch, Massey Ferguson’s hay and forage equipment has been well received by owners and dealers, earning a good reputation for productivity and efficiency,” says Jérôme Aubrion, Director Marketing Massey Ferguson, Europe & Middle East.

“These latest developments are part of our strategy of constant improvement to ensure we continue to deliver our customers exactly the right machines with specification they require. Offering a choice of conditioners for the butterfly mowers enables users to improve forage quality using the system that is most appropriate for their crops and conditions.

“Upgrades to the new generation four rotor rakes increase durability as well improve operation, helping operators form the perfect swath for following machines,” he adds.

Conditioner choice for MF DM 8612 mowers

  • Latest MF DM 8612 TL butterfly mower now available with tine (KC) or roller (RC) conditioners
  • Heavy-duty drive to conditioner
  • DUO drive roller conditioner option
  •  Adjustable conditioning intensity
  • Well proven hydro-pneumatic suspension
  • Adjustable overlap increases accuracy
  • Folds vertically to within 4m for transport.

Tine or roller conditioners

Two new tine (KC) or roller (RC) conditioner options, available for the latest 8.6m wide, MF 8612 TL mower, increase the speed of wilting, which shortens the drying process and improves crop quality.

KC tine conditioner

Crop is conditioned using four rows of flexible tines, which are 5mm longer than previously and are secured against loss to protect following machinery. These lift and process the crop against an adjustable hood, which is now made from 4mm thick steel for increased durability. Four position settings allow users to set the appropriate conditioning intensity for the crop and conditions.

RC roller conditioner

Two, intermeshing rubber rollers compress the crop on the RC conditioner. The rollers’ special, spiral profiles provide intensive, yet gentle, crop conditioning and are ideally suited to working in legumes and other leafy crops.

Adjustable roller pressure enables operators to set the conditioning intensity. The upper roller can lift up, under pre-set spring pressure, to provide protection against foreign objects.

Strong, straightforward driveline

Drive for the conditioners is taken from the main gearbox or through the implement driveline, with shear bolt protection. The RC roller conditioner is also available with optional DUO Drive, which powers both the upper and lower rollers and is particularly suitable for working in heavy and damp crop conditions.

Renowned suspension system

Massey Ferguson’s latest generation butterfly mowers are equipped, as standard, with the latest generation TurboLift hydro-pneumatic damping system. This provides the mowers with a lateral swing angle of up to 19° downhill and 30° uphill, closely following contours to protect the sward, reduce contamination and improve forage quality.

Two-position width adjustment ensures MF DM TL mowers maintain a uniform cut when working in combination with 2.8m, 3.0m and 3.10m wide front mowers. This allows operators to adjust the width of the overlap between the front and rear mower, ensuring the whole width is cut – even when working around corners.

A new mechanism allows the mowers to fold to below 4m for transport and simplifies coupling up. It also improves stability in work and enables the machine to be safely stored vertically, without any extra stands.

This attachment system also delivers reliable mower protection with a straightforward, break-back system.

Four rotor rake developments

Massey Ferguson’s flagship MF RK 1404 TRC-PRO Gen2 four rake, capable of working at widths from 10.5m to 13.8m, benefits from a number of changes that increase productivity, durability and improve ease of use.