New features and option packages automate Massey Ferguson RB Series baler operations

1 Aug , 2022  

Massey Ferguson has announced it is introducing a range of new features and options to improve operation and productivity on its MF RB Series round balers.

“These significant enhancements include new Exclusive specification packages that automate repetitive tasks, making the balers easier to operate and reduce the workload on operators, which increases productivity,” explains Jérôme Aubrion, Director Marketing Massey Ferguson, Europe & Middle East.

“Exclusive Tractor Implement Management (TIM) specification provides the same high levels of automation and also includes stopping the tractor. Other new features include automatic greasing and an entry-level touch-screen control terminal.

“These new features and options are likely to appeal to high capacity users that will benefit from the productivity gains they deliver. The extra choices also enable users to select a higher level of specification to suit their requirements and levels of investment,” he adds.

MF RB Series Round baler enhancements

  • New Exclusive specification packages available for all MF RB Xtra Solo baler models automate many baler features
  • Exclusive specification package with Tractor Implement Management (TIM) functionality
  • New entry level touch-screen MF BaleControl terminal
  • New display for all terminals including ISOBUS
  • Automatic greasing system for all variable chamber balers
  • Improved bale tipper for Protec baler/wrapper combinations.

Exclusive package increases automation

Exclusive specification, available for all MF RB Xtra Solo balers, utilises the tractor’s load-sensing hydraulics to automate repetitive tasks. Combining a number of options together in one package reduces the amount of repetitive tasks operators need to carry out, which helps increase productivity.

The package automates the operation of the following:

  • Raising the pick-up when reversing and during bale weighing
  • Opening and closing the tailgate after tying
  • Knife selection and inserting knives during tying to clear debris.

It also includes bale moisture sensing, bale weighing as well as automatically leaving the last bale layer uncut (when knives are engaged) for a flatter outer surface. LED maintenance and service lights are also part of the package.

Exclusive TIM package

Developed for use with balers operated by TIM enabled tractors, the Exclusive TIM package allows the baler and tractor to communicate through the ISOBUS connection to automate a range of operations and features. It does not require load-sensing hydraulics.

With this package TIM takes control of all the same functions and offers the same features as the load-sensing Exclusive package, but it also includes automatically stopping the tractor for tying. As well as relieving operators of repetitive tasks, this also greatly reduces operator fatigue, which helps increase overall productivity.

New MF BaleControl terminal

Massey Ferguson is introducing a new baler terminal for use with tractors without ISOBUS connectivity. MF BaleControl provides straightforward and intuitive operation via a modern 5” touch-screen display. Replacing the E-Link controller, it provides more functions and also includes many of the features available from the higher specification E-Link Pro controller.

All terminals, including ISOBUS, now benefit from a new Terminal Display. This clear screen shows a graphic of the baler, enabling operators to easily navigate through menus, as well as providing touch-screen control of various functions.

For ISOBUS compatible terminals it also offers Task Controller capability.

Easier maintenance

All variable chamber MF RB V Series balers can now benefit from an automatic greasing system, which sets the benchmark by being able to lubricate all of the roller bearings on the machine.

As well as cutting time spent on maintenance, this also increases reliability ensuring components are kept correctly lubricated.

Included as standard on Protec balers, it is also offered as a useful option on Solo Xtra models.

Improved Protec bale tipper

A new, redesigned bale tipper for MF RB Protec baler wrapper combinations offers greater strength, performance and safety. It also provides better bale handling on slopes, tipping bales onto their ends, which prevents them rolling down hills and helps to protect the film.

After leaving the turntable, bales are guided into position by two control bobbins, before being held in place by a plate at the rear, which tips them onto their ends during discharge.

This new design is not only stronger and more durable, it helps increase performance and safety. Operators can now also switch between working and transport positions in just four seconds, without leaving the cab.