Improved TD4F Range of Orchard Tractors from New Holland

26 Feb , 2015  

The new re-styled and upgraded TD4F Series is based on the TD4000F tractor range that built its considerable success on the optimal balance between performance, versatility, affordability and ease of use. The TD4F series introduces a host of innovative technical and functional features that make these machines ideal for modern fruit growing. The new series offers three models with horsepower ranging from 65 to 88 hp: the TD4.70F, TD4.80 and TD4.90F. They feature a new hydraulic power shuttle, entirely redesigned ergonomics and new styling, a rugged servo operated PTO, and easy access hydraulic couplings.

The new TD4F orchard tractors pack a powerful performance in a compact package. These robust, easy to use tractors excel in versatility: low profile and narrow, they can be whatever the farmer needs them to be for every type of application and environment, from confined spaces and the tight rows of orchards, to nut growers and vineyards.