Goudie Bros continue to deliver

14 Aug , 2015  

The say that longevity if the sign of success in any business and if so then haulage Goudie Bros Transport Ltd are certainly top of the pile.

With almost 50 years’ experience in the haulage industry, this Donegal-based company has led by example when it comes to providing a wide range of top quality services to an extensive customer base. The man at the helm during the start has been Leslie Goudie, who started the business in the mid-sixties and they now have 6+ drivers full and part time staff, while they have a mixed fleet mostly consisting of DAFs, MANs and Volvos.

Since the mid-eighties, Leslie’s sons Leslie Jnr and Ronnie have been running the operation and the company has continued to grow under their stewardship.

From day one, Leslie Snr ensured that the company’s motto was to pride themselves in carrying out the right job for its customers and that’s something which his sons have carried into the new generation of Goudie Bros Transport Ltd and its employees.

For this month’s edition of Irish Trucker, we profile this haulage firm, which is situated in Raphoe and Leslie jnr tells us about the many services that they provide a large customer base. Leslie started off as a produce merchant transporting mainly hay, straw and potatoes.

However, that all changed when his sons came on board and they started to expand the business as well as the services provided.

“We are specialised in bulk tippers, blowers, tautliners, flats, aggregate and potato belt bulker haulage,” said Leslie Jnr. “We haul the likes of grain, fertilisers, coal, tar-mac, aggregate, as well as potatoes, hay and straw, which was what our father specialised in when he first started.”

Another reason for Goudie Bros’ success is their dedication to their profession, while their determination to succeed is unrivalled. All this plus the fact their ongoing relationship with all their customers make them one of the most known people in the Northern Ireland haulage industry.

Over the years, the company has gained an extensive knowledge and experience in the haulage and storage sector, operating to a vast client base throughout the north and southern Ireland as well as some work in the U.K.

“We would have a very good working relationship with all of our customers, many of who we would be working for many years now. We know what the customer expects from us and it is up to us to ensure that they get that level of service.

“We are also licensed TASCC approved hauliers and this allows us to transport a wide range of products.”

There are many trials and tribulations to be dealt with in the haulage industry on a daily basis and Leslie admits that being able to provide so many services allows them to not rely on just one particular area.

“It is essential to be able to diversify, as you just don’t know what is around the corner in this industry. We are very fortunate to have such a loyal customer base.”

Of course, the fuel bill and road tax are two ongoing concerns amongst hauliers, with expenditure in these areas reaching crisis point.

“The road tax is now €3,200 per truck which is a huge amount of money for just one truck, while the fuel bill here every month is massive as well.

“We are members of the Irish Road Haulage Association and in fairness they are doing a brilliant job. It is a slow process to get anything done, but they managed to get the fuel rebate and every little helps. Unfortunately, the rates are the one thing that haven’t changed and you have to be that bit more diligent when making a decision in the business and look at it from every angle.”

To make sure that the customers get their deliveries on time, Leslie and Ronnie place a great emphasis on ensuring that their trucks are in perfect working order.

“We would carry our own maintenance work. Ronnie looks after that side of the business and all the trucks are well maintained and kept in pristine condition. It is very hard to go out and purchase a brand new truck these days, but we have a very modern fleet and as I said we look after it well.”

Every business relies on dedicated work force and Goudie Bros are no different as Leslie point out that their employees were very reliable.

“We would have some drivers here that have been with us a good few years now. They have built up a good relationship with the customers and that is important. They are all experienced drivers and are well capable of doing their jobs without any problems.”

Leslie is happy with the direction that the company is heading in at the moment and admits that they are happy with the work load that they have on.
“If we can continue to keep our customers happy then we are happy. We are busy enough at the minute and long may that continue.”

The future looks bright for Goudie Bros and the next generation is already showing an interest. “Ronnie’s son Aaron is now driving for us, while my lad Jonathon washes the trucks at the weekend when he’s not at school, so who knows they may carry on, when we step down,” he concluded with a smile.

Goudie Bros Transport Ltd
Co Donegal
Tel: 074 9145548
Mob: 086 2531799
Fax: 074 9145471
e-mail: [email protected]

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 2 No 7, December 2014