Frost proof yard hydrants worked a treat during the big freeze

12 Mar , 2018  

Glynns Milltown Ltd. introduced a frost proof yard hydrant to the Irish market a number of years ago and they didn’t let anyone down during the big snow recently.

They are  standard water fixtures for outdoor use in northern climates where freezing temperatures are common. Frost-proof hydrants operate with a control lever and hose connector tap above ground, while the operating valve is below ground at a depth where freezing conditions do not occur. Each time the hydrant is shut off, the water in the upright portion of the pipe drains out of holes in the base of the pipe, leaving no water in any portion of the hydrant subject to freezing conditions. Most do-it-yourselfers can install a frost-proof hydrant, although the project involves excavation to a level below the frost line.

Frost proof hydrants work because of the fact that each time water is required it comes from below the frost line (ie 2 ft below the ground) and when the water is turned off they automatically empty the stand pipe leaving no water above the frost line which can freeze. The Hydrants are available on and come with detailed fitting instructions. They will provide water when all other standard taps in an area are frozen and are ideal for yards, forecourts and farms.

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