Feeding champions since 1865

25 Apr , 2024  

With a renowned reputation and history of producing high quality animal feeds, Smyths Daleside is the leading animal feed manufacturer in the North West of Ireland, serving an extensive customer base across the northern half of Ireland.

Located at Ballindrait, just outside Lifford in County Donegal, and milling since 1965, Smyths Daleside boasts a stellar track record for invariably achieving champion standards in manufacturing the highest quality animal feeds for both ruminant and monogastric animals.

Sourcing the highest quality raw materials both locally and internationally to produce maximum-performance dairy, beef, sheep, pig, poultry and horse feed specially formulated to meet the exact needs of customers, Smyths Daleside was an official sponsor of last year’s Balmoral Show, which was subsequently voted Event of the Year at the 2023 Farming Life Awards and Best Festival in Northern Ireland at the 2023 Northern Ireland Hospitality Awards.

Smyths Daleside’s new partnership with the Balmoral Show – the biggest agricultural show and rural event in the calendar – saw them sponsor the Holstein and Hereford sections plus the Hampshire Down and Charolais sheep sections.

At the sponsorship launch, Smyths Daleside General Manager Ray Winters commented: “We are very excited to bring the Smyths Daleside brand and range of high-quality feed to a new show audience. We have been feeding champions for over 150 years and have a champion standard that is second to none across the provinces.”

Originally founded as a grain merchant in 1865, Smyths Daleside have modernised and diversified their product range over the years whilst remaining true to their roots by consistently delivering unrivalled quality, incomparable service and supplier-customer relationships like no other.

Dedicated to the development of their livestock products in order to maximise animal performance and meet customer requirements, Smyths Daleside carefully select their specialised ingredients from quality-assured local and international suppliers. Their animal feeds are designed in-house by an industry-leading nutritional team.

Feeding champions since 1865, Smyths Daleside has an industry leading reputation across the pedigree and commercial livestock sector for manufacturing the highest quality feeds, specially formulated to ensure maximum animal performance at all times.

Smyths Daleside design their dairy feed using only the best quality ingredients to produce quality milk ensuring maximum efficiency. Their dairy feed range is formulated with high levels of minerals, vitamins and trace elements to improve milk production, maintain health and improve fertility levels.

They offer a large range of coarse and pellet beef feeds suited to various stages of production. Smyths Daleside beef feed is formulated to provide all the nutrients required for maximum performance and all products in this range are enriched with high quality vitamins and minerals required for growing and finishing beef cattle.

Smyths Daleside believe giving calves the best start in life is important and that ensuring correct nutrition at the beginning of life will yield significant long-term benefits. All their calf feed is available in coarse and pellet rations, which can be introduced from four days of age. The calf range is highly palatable, appetising and aromatic, promoting daily live weight gains and maximising growth rates.

Meanwhile, the exceptional Smyths Daleside sheep feed range is formulated using high quality proteins and cereals to support the energy requirements and lamb development for the pregnant ewe. Available in both coarse and pelleted products, this range has seen the industry-leading animal feeds provider develop an unrivalled reputation for feeding some of the leading pedigree flocks across the country.

The lamb feed range has been developed through continual research and development over many years to become a leader in the European market across the pedigree lamb sector. Again available in both pellets and coarse feed options, manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials, this range of products is available for both commercial and pedigree livestock. Lamb feeds contain the uniquely-formulated Smyths Daleside Super Lamb Mineral Pack, which demonstrably improves animal health and performance.

Smyths Daleside also offer a range of poultry feeds for chickens, hens, ducks and turkeys. As has become the Smyths Daleside way, each feed is meticulously formulated using quality-assured raw materials and manufactured to the highest-class production methods to ensure traceability and consistent quality feed.

Understanding the importance of pig nutrition, Smyths Daleside manufacture feed that is suitable for all pigs, from breeding pigs to finishing. Their unwavering dedication to the pig industry has led to the use of the latest nutritional research in the formulation of their high-quality, high-performance pig feeds.

Available in coarse and nuts, their horse range is suitable for every horse. The ingredients used are carefully selected and balanced to ensure a continued healthy rumen development and animal performance. The team at Smyths Daleside subscribe to the motto that a healthy horse is a happy horse.

Smyths Daleside’s successful business, which has been leading the way for coming up on 15 decades, is built upon strong customer relationships, with a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced customer support team acting as a constant point of contact with customers from the point of order right through to delivery, which goes some way towards explaining why they have the most loyal customers in the industry.

Smyths Daleside offer a range of nutritional support, technical advice and other advisory services to assist customers in maximising the performance and potential of their livestock.

Steadfastly committed to providing the highest quality advice and technical support to customers, Smyths Daleside utilise the latest NIR forage analysis equipment and feed formulation software to generate and pass on this advice and technical support.

It is paramount to ensure that customers can avail of and benefit from tailored feeding solutions and plans to meet their business needs, guaranteeing they always achieve the maximum potential and performance from their livestock.

Fully accredited by the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS), Bord Bia, Irish Grain Assurance Scheme (IGAS), Tesco and the Irish Organic Association, Smyths Daleside are passionate about the environment and operate responsibly at all times to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure they leave the planet in a better place for future generations.

To this end, they focus on only sourcing sustainably grown raw materials and continually invest in new technologies and equipment to ensure more efficient and sustainable production, whilst reducing CO2 emissions, energy consumption and water usage across the business.

Onsite laboratories are equipped with the latest technology for testing raw materials at intake and all products during manufacture, whilst continually focusing on and investing in the latest testing equipment and technology to ensure that all raw materials and finished products meet stringent quality standards.

Maintaining complete control of all aspect of quality and service, Smyths Daleside operate their own fleet of modern and efficient vehicles, allowing them to offer a high-quality delivery service across the North West of Ireland.  Their TASCC-approved fleet consists of both rigid and articulated vehicles to suit all types of farmyards and their team of professional, dedicated drivers work hard in all weather conditions to ensure on-time delivery and complete customer satisfaction.

Taking great pride in offering the highest quality customer service across every aspect of the business, from the despatch team to their production operatives, logistics team and sales and technical personnel, Smyths Daleside are committed to ensuring they don’t just meet but exceed customer expectations.

It takes a champion to feed champions and that’s why countless livestock owners across the north west of the island have for generations trusted Smyths Daleside to look after their animals’ nutritional needs.

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First published in Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 12 No 1, March/April 2024