Agri Mac Services & Plant Hire mark a decade

1 Jun , 2021  

Based in Rosscahill, Co Galway, Agri Mac Services & Plant Hire specialises in silage and plant hire and groundworks services for its customers. Irish Tractor and Agri caught up with its owner Seán Magee (22) to learn about the company – from its origins to the state of business today.

These are very busy times at Agri Mac Services & Plant Hire, according to Seán who is operating the company solely and the Co Galway native is very keen to keep this momentum throughout 2021.

Having taken the reins of the family business, Seán is today operating the company with various makes of tractors from Duetz Agritron, Case and a John Deere 6155R and with the advantage of the excavation equipment ranging from mini digger to the capabilities of a 40t excavators, this plant hire firm is a very serious operation.

Working all throughout Galway (and beyond its borders), Agri Mac Services & Plant Hire provides all agri services. Round bales are handled following the introduction last summer of the Fusion 3 Plus and its film wrap. This again provides the customers with superior quality silage and with this investment Seán believes it is for the betterment for his customers going forward. Seán is perhaps one of a few agri contractors that supply wrap but he believes that although it is an upfront cost it allows him as a contractor time management and less stress on the customer to supply and of course get the wrapper man.

This year Seán is investing in a new agitator 1000 PTO with the additional investment of a new a 7ft dribble system and 2500g tanker. He believes that we have to continually look for more sustainable methods in farming and this allows for a more dynamic and environmentally sensitive approach to our landscape and with compliance with Glas and other grants going forward, we have to be more aware of our environment but also the needs of the farmer.

In the last few years, Seán has been contracted for more land reclamation, reseeding, disc harrowing, lime and fertiliser spreading.  This interest has come from his customers as they understand that this investment has to be made for the betterment of grass quality and they know that Seán will provide a service beyond compare with his passion for the land and his customers.

Irish Tractor and Agri touched base with this young entrepreneur to get a feel of his company.

“We are a long established agri and plant hire contractor and now that I have taken the business over, I will be looking to expand with new investments but will draw on experience gathered over many years,” explained Seán.

The range of services provided by Agri Mac Service & Plant Hire have built up a strong and loyal customer base.

“I have been given the huge responsibility to continue the legacy of a company that has and is providing a service that is not available otherwise. We offer all agri needs and with the added bonus of plant hire we can and do offer more.”

Seán values his customers and he believes in upgrading the machinery every few years so to provide the best output and service

“Of course we can’t predict the Irish weather, so we have to invest in upgrading our machinery.  I’m fortunate to have a great mechanic in MH Services (Tuam) to provide all servicing.  I believe in investing in servicing and new machinery to provide best service for farmer and less downtime on breakages. And as for supplies for the silage season we can’t go past Duanes Hardware and Tullykyne Stores.

“As I have heard many a times from farmers ‘at silage the weather is your best friend’.”

Agri Mac Services & Plant Hire have proven to provide a service to meet their farmer base but also that of completing any groundworks including all site services, footpaths, raft and all landscaping needs.

Seán will be drawing attention to all for the ground works completed in the new adventure completed in Moycullen. Wildlands is a new and exciting concept for Co Galway and beyond. This newly developed complex allows for all ages to experience leisure and corporate pursuits to suit all. This follows on from Seán being the groundworks contractor for world renowned Delphi Adventure Resort and its expanding outdoor activities and new accommodation suites.

Seán has also completed groundworks on a housing development of up to 60 units in Moycullen and in the coming months will be commencing another groundworks project in Oranmore and a further development in Moycullen.

The plant hire and groundworks arm of Agri Mac Services is rapidly proving to be in much demand.

“Every year we are expanding due to customers’ word of mouth and their satisfaction. I have a Facebook page and that is also a good referral.”

And the last word goes to Seán: “I grew up with this business of silage and plant hire and I know what my customers expect and I will always work to fulfil that.”

Agri Mac Services & Plant Hire
Co Galway
Mobile: 085 849 2819
E-mail: [email protected]

First published in Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 9 No 2, March/April 2021