The proper treatment

30 Jun , 2015  

Ireland’s leading supplier of pressure creosoted timber products, PDM continues to evolve as a business as this Kildare based company strives to meet its customers’ demands.

In this month’s edition of Irish Tractor and Agri, we profile the business which is Ireland’s only registered manufacturer of creosoted products.

Creosote is used for wood preservation and when treated a products life span is greatly increased, in excess of 30 years in some cases and as the demand for timber products grows so too does the need for this specialised treatment.

Creosote is the oldest commercially available wood preservative and is the preferred treatment for stud farms. Unlike fences subject to other treatments, livestock, including horses, tend not to chew at a creosoted fence. Post & Rail/Stud fencing protects assets in the form of Stallions, Mares and Foals.

PDM was founded in 1968, but the company’s origins can be traced back to as far as 1870 when the Martin brothers started creosoting timber products in the North Wall. This continued right up to 1967 when the business closed down.

However, just a year later, two cousins, Patrick and Derek Martin moved the business to its present location in Kill, Co Kildare and they now supply a wide range of creosoted products to a very large customer base.

PDM changed ownership in 1979 when the cousins sold the business to Ocean Transport & Trading, based in Liverpool, while both stayed on as directors until their retirement.

Then in 1987, Meyer took over control of the business and placed a large investment in the treatment side of the business. Thirteen years later, French group, Saint Gobain Building Distribution bought out Meyer and in the process became the owners of PDM.

The company’s customer base ranges from state owned organisations right over to the home owner and impacts many sectors of Irish life. Company General Manager Richard O’Connor and Sales Manager Michael Brogan explained to us the services provided.

PDM supply creosoted poles and fencing to companies such as the ESB, Teagasc, Kerry Group, Glanbia, Coolmore Stud, F.R.S Eircom and Northern Ireland Electricity. The agricultural and equine industries are also catered for as fencing, railing, gates and poles are just some of the materials used.
Retailers, building contractors, fencing contractors and the private home owner are also on the customer list with the latter generally availing of PDM’s wide range of fencing and gates.

PDM puts customer care to the forefront of their priorities and the company’s philosophy is ‘to provide quality products and service to our valued and loyal customers.’

“The experience we have obtained over the years allows us to determine what the customer needs and any problems they may have in choosing the right product to suit their requirement will be dealt with by our experienced team,” said Richard.

“We supply to all the major utility companies in Ireland. The timber used for these companies’ products is specialised and cannot be sourced in this country, so we buy it in from Scandinavia and North America. It has to be of certain strength and Douglas Fir and Scots Pine are the specified species.

“For fencing, the timber used is sourced in Ireland and our local suppliers buy through either Coillte or private land owners. The process of seasoning the timber between felling and creosote pressure treament takes about 12 months to complete. The products then have a 30-year life span.”

Safety is paramount when dealing with such materials and PDM have obtained all the necessary licenses to carry out their duties under the strictest of regulations.

“We were also granted the ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 from the National Standards Authority of Ireland and are audited twice a year to ensure we maintain the high level of standards required.”

Michael has been with the company 40 years and his experience is invaluable. “The company has changed a lot over the years and we have continued to move with the times. We will be heading for the Ploughing Championships in Laois this year where we will showcase our products. The agricultural industry is a large part of our business.

“Another area of the business that is growing is the sale of poles for ball catchers at GAA grounds.

“We will continue to invest in our business in the coming years so that we can continue to grow the opportunities for creosoted and treated fencing.”

P.D.M., Oldmilltown, Kill, Co. Kildare
Tel :      045 877165
Fax :     045 877467
email:   [email protected]
Sales Manager:  Michael Brogan
Mobile:                087-2591032
email:                 [email protected]

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 2 No 5, October 2014