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4 Nov , 2020  

Hygiene and keeping everything clean has never been more paramount as we are in the midst of a situation that the world has never experienced before.

In farming, hygiene has always played a significant part of everyday life, especially in dairy where it is essential to ensure that all machinery used is kept germ free.

Cleanline Farm Services & Equestrian Supplies has been supplying a massive customer base with their wide range of products for 30 years now and owner Joe Hayes spoke to Irish Tractor about the service that they provide.

In dairy hygiene, products are supplied for milk quality, detergent and teat care. They have products stocked to look after the health of calves, cattle, sheep and horses.

They are based in Tipperary town where there hardware store stocks such products as clothing, hand tools, fencing, chemicals, rodent control and fuel among other materials.

Feeds and seeds are also distributed to their customers as they cater for the needs of not only the agricultural industry, but for other sectors also.

Joe has a lifetime experience in hygiene products having worked in Tipperary Coop for a number of years before deciding to go out on his own and since then his wife Helen has been by his side every step of the way.

When it comes to the prevention of illnesses such as mastitis, Joe is what many would refer to as an expert as many farmers would turn to him for advice.

Clean Line Farm Supplies supply their own range of dairy hygiene, which Joe revealed is very popular amongst his customers.

“I’ve been involved with dairy hygiene products for around 40 years in total, so over the years I have learned a good bit about the different products,” said Joe.

“A few years ago, we decided to buy in our own brand which are chlorine free products. There has been a huge change in farmers’ attitudes with regards to hygiene and there is now a much greater focus on this area, which is benefitting the industry.”

Joe admitted that the abolishing of the milk quota certainly helped his business, but added that it brought about its own issues too.

“The management of bigger herds is more difficult, but there are more and more products coming out to combat the different issues livestock may have.”

One of those products is Alpha Calf Max which stops calves from getting scour and enhances the calves immune system. Alpha Calf Max is a blend of natural plants extracts scientifically chosen to give optimum gut health in all calves.

For best results Alpha Calf Max can be added to colostrum at first feeding and added to milk or milk replacer every feed at a rate of 5ml.

Joe added: “The selection by scientists of specific anti-bacterial plant extract stops bad bacteria growing in the calf gut. This allows the calf make full use of all nutrients available in milk or replacer. If the calves gut is challenged by infections such as Cryptospordium Calf Max Alpha stops the infection clinging to the gut wall and is excreted by the calf before it does damage. It is a non-chemical product and very safe to use. It is proving very popular amongst our customers.

“Hygiene at all levels of calf rearing of up most importance from calving pens to calf house, buckets and teats. You must use disinfectants that are suitable for protozoa organisms to have trouble free calf rearing.”

There is no doubt that Joe is very forward thinking when it comes to the products that he supplies and he does a great deal of research on products before selling them in his store as he feels only the best will suffice.

“If you are selling products that don’t work, you won’t be in business for too long, so for that reason alone, I research all the products that we sell and make sure they are of the highest quality.

“The service and back up are key to the success of the business. There are six employed here and they are experienced at what they do and can deal with any query that a customer might have, while I am always on hand to speak to them also.”

Five years ago, the business moved to a new premises on O’Brien Street in Tipperary town and Joe stressed that although he is happy with the direction of the business, he is not about to rest on his laurels when it comes to the quality of service that he provides.

“You have to be always looking forward and take a chance. That is what we done with the Alpha Calf Max and it has paid off. The way forward is chemical free products and that is something that we have taken on board. You have to have confidence in a product before you can supply it.”

Joe has many long standing customers who have been with him since the start including Limerick based farmer Fiachra Liston who milks over 300 cows on a twice-daily basis.

Cleanline Farm Supplies are agents for many top quality products including Uddermint, Tyson Foods and numerous others including Liffey Mills, Roscrea.

Joe states that there has been a massive improvement in the quality of milk in recent years, which is down to farmers taken more interest in hygiene.

“Dairy hygiene is an area that I know a lot about and I would be able to diagnose many problems for farmers across the phone. We are here to help and are just a phone call away.”

Cleanline Farm Service Ltd provide an efficient, expert service that has many years’ experience behind them and Joe, Helen, their son Cathal (who is the next generation to come through) and all the staff would like to thank their customers for their loyal support during what is a difficult time for all in the country.

Contact Details:

Cleanline Farm Services Ltd.

11 O’Brien Street,

Tipperary Town, Ireland.

Telephone: +353-62-82952

FAX: +353-62-82952

E-mail: [email protected]

First published in Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 8 No 3, October/November 2020