Take the hassle out of feeding sheep outdoors

10 Feb , 2015  

Local manufacturer Quad-X offer innovative machinery to help you save time and hassle in feeding your sheep meal and silage outdoors. Why spend valuable time hauling bags of feed around your farm? Why make your everyday jobs harder than they have to be?

The Quad-X Stock feeder has been designed to take the hassle out of feeding. Imagine……no more bags and no need for troughs. Quad-X are excited to be launching a new electric drop stock feeder at Lamma this January. The Quad-X Stock Feeder has a 350kg or 500kg capacity allowing you to feed your entire stock in just one fill, saving you valuable time. The electric drop model features a drop counter with variable distance and provides excellent ground clearance. The ground driven stock feeder distributes feed in piles 6ft apart and allows you adjust the feed ratio from ½ kg to 2kg. With the feed being evenly distributed in spaced out piles, stock will stand head to head and so there is less trampling and fouling in the feed meaning less meal is wasted, saving valuable money.

When used to feed sheep in lamb, the Quad-X Stock Feeder helps to save foetal loss in ewes as it does away with crowding and shoving at the trough and ensures all animals get a fair chance to feed.

The Quad-X Stock Feeder can be easily attached to any ATV, UTV, jeep or towing vehicle making it ideal for any farmer. When it is attached to any ATV it can be operated and the flow rate controlled from the comfort of your seat. The Quad-X Stock Feeder comes with flotation tyres as standard making it ideal for use on most ground conditions even when the hopper is full.

The hopper is galvanised to ensure durability and long life. It is suitable for use in wet weather, equipped with a wooden cover or an optional tarpaulin cover to ensure your feed remains dry while out in the fields. This impressive machine has also proven popular for transporting feed to creep feeders and rearing unit.. It can be used to store feed away and protects it from vermin.

BALE TRANSPORTER: The Quad-X Bale Transporter has been designed for transporting silage, hay, haylage and straw bales. This special trailer can be towed with an ATV, utility vehicle, car or 4×4. The Bale Transporter is ideal for bringing in bales from the field and moving them around even in wet conditions.

The Bale Transporter has been cleverly designed ensuring it is well balanced in order to reduce the weight on the drawbar of the towing vehicle. You can even re-position the transporter by hand when it is loaded with a hay bale.

The transporter was developed to make the bale mass assist with the loading, reducing the force required to load a 750kg tonne bale, allowing young people and ladies to operate and to prevent the quad rear wheels lifting during loading. The clamping arms are designed to minimise wrap damage during loading and transportation.