A family affair spanning 70 years and three generations

16 Dec , 2020  

McConaghy Contracts is a well-established agricultural contracting business based in Bushmills, County Antrim which spans three generations. 27-year-old Andrew McConaghy has inherited his father Robert and grand-father Bob’s passion for the farming way of life, not to mention their attention to detail. It was 71 years ago that Bob McConaghy and his twin brother, Silas, […]


In the blood

31 Aug , 2015  

For some, agricultural contracting is quite simply in the blood, part of the DNA so to speak. They are born to the land. This certainly applies to McConaghy Contracts, a prolific third-generation family business operating out of Bushmills in County Antrim. We met up with Robert McConaghy to take a closer look at this long-established […]