Sligo’s first choice for tyre services

14 Jun , 2019  

Keith Aldridge Tyre Service in Co Sligo are agriculture tyre specialists for tractors, trailers, tankers and implements. Irish Tractor & Agri caught up with the man himself recently to learn more about the business which has been on the go for over a decade now.

This year sees Keith Aldridge’s company celebrating its 13th year since being set-up in Riverstown in Co Sligo and the plan is to keep the trend flowing in continuing growth of the company year on year.

Open six days a week, Keith Aldridge Tyre Service has earned itself a glowing reputation for its excellent service amongst its customers and boast a team which are specialists in tyre fitting and repairs offering a range of tyres to suit every budget.

Keith himself has more than 20 years’ experience when it comes to fitting and repairing tyres all throughout the Connacht region and was good enough to take some time out recently to tell Irish Tractor & Agri all about his successful business venture.

“We’re based here in Riverstown, Co Sligo and the company has been set-up since 2006,” the Managing Director explained.

“There are four of us working here and at the minute we’ve two vans on the road and we’ve basically been as busy as we’ve ever been. Hopefully that’ll continue right through the year.”

Keith Aldridge Tyre Service carries a wide range of tyre brands for its customers and they include BFGoodrich, Fullrun, Starmaxx, Kleber, Mitas, BKT, Michelin, Pirelli, Cultor and Trelleborg.

The company’s core services include mobile puncture repair, mobile tyre fitting, wheel alignment, rim reconditioning, vulcanising, new rims and complete wheel sets for cars, vans, trucks and agri vehicles.

On top of all that, Keith Aldridge Tyre Service offers its customers mobile roadside assistance and is also a member of Repak ELT.

For Keith, providing the best service possible and identifying what the customer wants has been the key from the outset and he explained that his background left him well-equipped to look after clients in the agri industry.

“We provide a mobile service for our customers and we offer tyres, agri tyres and repairs for them,” said Keith.

“I was born on a dairy farm and grew up with it so I got to know a few dairy farmers along the way and we’d do a lot of work for them. Like nearly all the lads we work for, we’re all from a farming background here and we know what they want and need.”

As for tyre servicing itself, Keith’s company are experts in tyre fitting and tyre repairs, with their services including puncture repair, tyre fitting, wheel alignment, rim reconditioning, vulcanising, new rims and complete wheel sets for cars, vans, trucks and, of course, agri vehicles.

Customers can also receive mobile roadside assistance for tyre fitting and puncture repairs for agricultural and farming equipment, cars, vans and trucks.

Things have come a long way for Keith and Co out in Riverstown, especially considering the tough times the country were in when things first started to get off the ground for them around 2006/07.

“I’ll be honest, when I first started it took a bit of time to pick up but come early ’08 and then it 2009 we started to get very busy and we’ve basically been busy ever since, thankfully,” Keith outlined.

“Farmers seem to like what we do here and they need our service the busier they get, so it has been mayhem lately. We’ve gone as far as Crossmolina and even to Knock Airport in the past – we’ll go anywhere for our customers.

“Anyone that buys a tractor tyre off us we will make sure to go out and fit it for them in their yard. I think that’s part of the reason why they come to us first.”

A professional service has been the key for Keith from ‘Day One’ and now – 13 years later – he and his staff remain as resolute as ever to carry it out.

With a new Citroën Berlingo van added recently, the company’s fleet continues to grow.

Keith knows the best way to ensure things continue to run smoothly is to keep doing what they’re doing all around Sligo and outside the Yeats County’s borders, as repeat business continues to be the lifeblood of the company.

“As I said, we’ve been very busy and we’d basically be kept going all year round,” he stated.

“I’d say our customers choose us first because with us they know that we’re reliable and that they’ll get a good service. We’ve built up a good relationship with them over the past 10 years and hopefully that will continue.”

Going on form, it certainly should do…

Keith Aldridge Tyre Service


Sligo F52 P306

Mobile: 086 335 1258

Landline: 071 9127215

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 7 No 1, February/March 2019