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31 Jul , 2019  

A recent study by Teagasc has reported strong demand for its forestry clinics from both farmers and non-farmers.

There has been a particular increase in farmers under 40 who were interested in planting land. These farmers are mostly farming part-time and are looking for a way to make their farms more profitable in the long-term.

Farmers attending clinics were typically looking to plant around 7ha, usually on out-farms, to make them more commercially viable.

The knock-on effect of this is that there is more work in the industry and harvesters are continually upgrading their machinery in order to meet the demands of the market.

The majority of harvesters in Ireland turn to Swedish manufactured Gremo machinery as their first choice and when they do this, they are dealing with this country’s sole Gremo agent, Liam Bergin who runs LB Gremo Ltd from his premises in Tullamore, Co Offaly.

As the sole agents for Gremo, Liam and his team of five employees supply and service the company’s range of products include the Eco-Log, SP Harvesting Heads and Log Max Harvesting Heads. With their exceptional back-up service and fully equipped mobile servicing unit, they are the ideal partners for your forestry business.

“The business was established in 2006 and the products that we are selling have helped us grow over the years. Gremo are the leading manufacturer in Eco-Log, SP Harvesting Heads and Log Max Harvesting Heads,” said Liam.

Gremo´s history dates back to the early sixties, when a Danish entrepreneur founded the company at Fredrikshamn, Denmark. Originally to manufacture comprised dumper carts and forest trailers for tractors. With the aim to further develop the company the Swedish production facilities of forestry machines, TimmerVille at Huskvarna were acquired.

In 1988 Gremo was offered for sale and acquired by a Swedish family. They started manufacture at Ätran, the same place where the factory is still situated.

Gremo has in many respects always been an innovative forerunner. As an example Gremo was, in the early nineties, the first company to as standard introduce catalytic purifiers, thus considerably improving the working conditions of the operator in above all thinning stands. Other examples of first introduction were the standard provision of environment-friendly oil and the Powershift-gearbox.

When Weland acquired Gremo back in 2002 products and company had passed through a powerful development. For instance in 2005 came the launching of the forwarder 950F and the harvester 1050H. The design office has received considerable means to be able to meet future requirements, which is already proved by their present machines.

Gremo has led the challenge in making the customer feel comfortable with their machines, but also to develop, manufacture and sell forest machines causing as little damage as possible in the forest without renouncing efficiency and performance.

“There would be a huge amount of repeat custom coming to us. Some guys would be doing business with us since we started up. That is a sign that we are selling a good product.”

Gremo insist that their employees are trained to the highest standards with technicians being brought in from all over the European branches for training on a regular basis.

“There would be training taking place at the main headquarters in Ätran, Sweden for the service technicians from our most important markets, which are Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and Austria.”

Some of the leading products that the company manufacturers are the Gremo 1050F, which is an ideal 1st thinning forwarder. Underneath the bonnet you will find a powerful Cummins Engine with Common Rail system. The engine has a torque exceeding 600Nm over a wide rpm-range while remaining light, compact and quiet. It is equipped with GreControl allowing the user to maximize efficiencies and power, increasing profitability. The Gremo 1050F has an impressive payload capacity of 10.5 ton making it a market leader in its class.

The Gremo 1050H is an innovative harvester based on the well approved previous model HPVR. It is equipped with a stronger engine and a re-designed cab with curved window panes for improved visibility and working ambiance. The 1050H also features improved working hydraulics including a variable pump with higher flow-rate and a re-designed control system permitting easier setting of the boom via colour screen.

The customers are always looked after and Liam revealed that this is something that Gremo have always focused on down through the years.

“The fact that our customers often visit our ultramodern factory results in invaluable feedback to our designers, fitters, inspectors etc. direct from the user.

“We would have two service vans on the road at all times. They give an instant response and are always on call to deal with any issues a customer may have.”

Liam added that dealing directly with the customer means that he and his team can offer a more personal service to their clients.

“I would know all my customers very well and they know that I am just a phone call away. It is important to give that personal touch, which is appreciated by them.”

Every four or five years, Gremo release new models to keep up to date with the market and Liam is pleased with the direction of the business.

“Yes, we’d be happy with the way business is going. We have our core set of customers, while we are seeing an increase in new customers, so that is always a positive. The main aim is to continue providing the service we are offering and try to improve on that if we can.”

LB Gremo Ltd

Unit B Nure House

Cloncollig Industrial Estate


Co Offaly

Tel:  086-6079564

Email: [email protected]

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 7 No 2, April/May 2019