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7 Jun , 2019  

These are exciting times for Allen Nutrition who are a leading manufacturer of animal feed supplements, powder and liquids for dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep and horses. As well as unveiling a new logo and rebranding, the Bandon, Co. Cork-based company is in the process of developing a new range of pelleted minerals and recently celebrated winning a Gold Award for Innovation at the 2018 National Dairy Show for its environmentally-friendly Mistral dry footbath product.

Allen Nutrition directors and husband-and-wife Gerald and Jane Allen were presented with their award at the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet, Co. Cork on October 20. Mistral is a product of the French-owned Olmix Group and has received rave reviews since Allen Nutrition began marketing it in Ireland last year.

“We were delighted to win the award,” Jane Allen enthuses.

“There was stiff competition in the science section, but thankfully our product found favour with the judges. We have been blown away by the success of Mistral since bringing it into Ireland from France. It’s an environmentally-friendly, PS Neutral dry footbath which is used to improve animal health and hygiene, and to kill bacteria.”

The Mistral footbath can be placed at the exit of a milking parlour or robot. Other placement options are in a concentrate automatic feeder or in a cubicle with a licking block. Trials conducted by the Olmix Group have shown a 38 per cent decrease in new DD lesions and a 1.2kg increase in milk production. In terms of the increased milk production, research alone has concluded that the product provides a 4:1 (ROI). Mistral is also certified for organic farming.

Mistral is composed of dried and micronized clay, selected minerals and essential oils. Thanks to Olmix expertise, the sheet structure of the clay is improved for better drying power. It can also be used in cubicles and calf / calving pens.

Allen Nutrition recently installed a new pelleting system which will be in full operation by the springtime. The company is currently developing pelleted minerals / pelleted buffers which, according to Jane, “are an alternative way of feeding and will stop livestock from getting tummy aches”. A newly-designed logo has also helped to give Allen Nutrition a fresh new look.

Founded in 1986 by Gerald’s late father Bob, Allen Nutrition are a specialist manufacturer of animal feed supplements, licenced by the Department of Agriculture, and with EU approval to manufacture premixtures and mineral mixtures. The family business, which employs up to 10 staff, endeavours to bring the latest and most advanced aspects of current thinking on animal nutrition direct into the farmyard, while using the historical methods of supplementation to their best advantage. Allen Nutrition also has both UFAS and Bord Bia approval to manufacture under their quality schemes.

The company supplies minerals for cows, cattle, sheep and horses directly to a nationwide customer-base and also supplies co-ops and agri stores with both mineral supplements and complementary products. Allen Nutrition’s dairy and beef range includes standard minerals and plus minerals with proteinated trace elements and higher levels of vitamins in a full range of pre-calver and dairy mixtures, including those for suckler herds. Beef minerals for intensive and grazed herds and sheep mixes for ewes and lambs and intensive store lambs are also supplied. Extras such as seaweed meal and yeast can be included as required.

Among the company’s top-selling products are Aquaphos, Aquafertility and Nutricalf. Aquaphos is a concentrated high phosphorus and trace element liquid mineral feedstuff for cows and cattle which is used in conjunction with liquid iodine. Aquafertility is a concentrated medium phosphorus mineral with trace elements for supplement feeding on a continuous basis through the breeding season and is also used in conjunction with liquid iodine. Nutricalf is a digestive enhancer designed for better growth through increased appetite and to prevent and overcome situations.

Allen Nutrition’s mission statement is to “create the best mineral supplements to solve the potential and actual mineral problems of the animal (herd or individual), to achieve optimum health and performance from the best / most suitable products available within the monetary constraints available to the farmer or stockman, and to encompass related activities to achieve this aim, while including feed safety as a priority within their manufacturing system.”

Jane, who says Brexit is a concern given the high number of customers Allen Nutrition has in Northern Ireland, continues: “Our bespoke products are individually tailored to suit your requirements.

“We can advise a customer on what mineral or mixture best suits their needs. If you’re not happy with the performance of your cows, for example, we can offer advice and suggest a programme to help achieve the desired results. Appropriate feeding and management of forages as well as the management of the cows themselves all need to be considered.

“Our main objective is to help the farmer get the maximum out of their stock by focusing on their individual requirements. Unlike the big multinationals, we deal with customers on a one-on-one basis, which is something they appreciate. We provide a particular service to particular farmers who we have forged strong relationships with over the years.”

Helping to promote the business and its extensive range of equine supplements is Gerald and Jane’s daughter Madeline, who is an international showjumper.

Allen Nutrition

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Bandon, Co. Cork.

Telephone: +353 86 7330096 Fax: +353 21 7330168

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Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 7 No 1, February/March 2019