Pride of the South

21 Nov , 2019  

Trees and hedges are a beautiful part of the Irish landscape, but like everything in nature they need care and attention, while for some their removal can provide a safer environment.

Work in this area is a skillset that is developed overtime and it is a trade in itself carried out by companies who specialise in providing such a service.

For this month’s edition of Irish Tractor, we profile one such company who are a family run business that have been involved in tree care and maintenance for many decades.

Munster Tree Surgeons is owned by Martin Haugh whose father John started the business way back in 1973. John’s expertise with a chainsaw has earned him the reputation of being known as the man to ‘cut any size of a tree’ and he has handed all his knowledge down to his son.

“We are a family business specializing in arboriculture since 1973. My father set up the business and he has gathered an awful lot of experience over the years. He said to me a few years back to go out on my own and in 2013 that’s what I did and fortunately business has been going well since. My father is still there if I need advice and he is a great help,” said Martin.

He added they provide a number of services in tree care and management that has resulted in their customer base growing over the years.

“Our tree services include pruning, esthetical cutting, aerial service, stump removal, disease management, trimming and much more.

Our primary goal is to provide quality care for trees in and around the Munster area.”

Munster Tree Surgeon’s reputation has been gathered over many years and Martin revealed that a good work force plays its part in the success of the business.

“In addition to our excellent reputation, we have a highly qualified and experienced staff. We are committed to providing quality services in tree cutting, pruning, and trimming using only the best tools in industry along with well-maintained machinery.

Martin and the team take great pride in their work and they know the importance of the impact that trees and hedges have on our environment.

“Taking care of trees is essential to maintain the health and beauty of our environment. Pruning for example, will ensure optimal structural growth, as well as maintain overall tree vitality and integrity. Our goal is to be the leading provider of all Tree Care and maintenance within the areas that we service.”

From their base in Co Limerick, the company cover the greater Munster area working for states bodies like the ESB and County Councils as well as having a large number of private customers.

“We would cover Limerick, Clare and parts of Tipperary, but if there is work to be done, we will go anywhere in the province to do it,” stressed Martin.

Health and safety are a priority for Martin and his staff as they work in an environment where one wrong move could result in a fatal accident.

“We take health and safety very seriously and nothing is left to chance. If we need to bring in a crane or a hoist, we will do so to ensure the safety of our workers and anyone that could be near the site.

“Before any job is undertaken, we will assess the site and see what way is the best and safest way to proceed. Safety is our priority in all cutting, pruning and trimming operations, and we are committed to carrying out the work in a professional and tidy manner.

The nature of the work demands this attention to safety. “The work we do for ESB Networks sees us clear trees and branches away from overhead power lines, removing dangerous trees around their buildings and other infrastructure,” he explained.

Munster Tree Surgeons are fully insured and they have all the necessary accreditation to carry out their duties in the proper manner.

“The main contract we have had since day one is with ESB Networks. We have invested heavily in more up to date machinery down through the years. This year, as well as investing in such machinery, we are looking into new technologies that will help us to stay at the cutting edge of our business. I think this ability to look to the future is part of the reason why our company has had such success”

So what has been the secret to success for Martin? He puts it largely down to the way he and his employees have looked after the customers down through the years, earning a glowing reputation for the company whilst gaining repeat business at the same time.

“When we start a project we always endeavour to ensure that our customers are satisfied and our staff all arrive home to their families safe,” he said.

“The way we see it, we’re only as good as our last job. People see our vehicles and associate them with our overall presentation as a company and our hard working and professional staff. Munster Tree Surgeons is associated with a safety culture that we promote on all our sites and the knowledge that your trees needs are being managed by a family run business. This is what makes us a cut above the rest.”

Contact Details:

Munster Tree Surgeons

Co Limerick

Mob: 087-6618785

e-mail: [email protected]

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 7 No 4, August 2019