No let up at Kennedy Agri

6 Jun , 2019  

Kennedy Agri in Callan, Co Kilkenny experienced a hectic end to 2018 and the hopes for brothers Eamon Kennedy and Nigel Kennedy are that things will continue that way for the New Year ahead. Irish Tractor heard all about the family business from Eamon Kennedy himself recently.

These past few months have been busy ones for Kennedy Agri and there’s no sign of a let up for the company in 2019, as they continue to make good on a glowing reputation which has been earned over the decades.

Eamon took over the running of the business from his father whom initially started the contracting business.  His father wasn’t quite as busy back then although he was kept busy with a few good loyal customers.

Eamon has since expanded the business significantly and is glad to report that business is booming.

“There are three of us working full-time here but during the busy summer season we could have up to 10 lads working for us,” he explained.

“My brother Nigel is very involved in the business on a day to day basis.  Because we have a large number of livestock when we are not contracting we are rearing and finishing cattle which means we are kept busy with what we’re doing here all year round.”

Indeed with it being a 12-month a year job, it’s little wonder why Eamon has a vast amount of different types of machinery in his yard.

As he explained to Irish Tractor & Agri, tillage and all the other services associated with it is a big part of the work they undertake down in Callan, where their services go back and forth across the close by Tipperary border practically on a daily basis. 

Eamon is now farming circa 800 acres between rented and owned land.

“My father initially had the business established doing silage, corn and re-seeding on a smaller scale,” he said.

“When I took over I continued the business and it has expanded a lot to date covering most agricultural needs.”

Branching out saw Eamon earning more business throughout the region as the company became known as a ‘one-stop shop’ for customers when it came to their agri needs.

With each passing year, business continued to grow to the point where it thrived and the state of affairs in 2018 reflects a very good year for Kennedy Agri despite the weather conditions that were experienced.

 “I have to say with things being so busy one of the biggest difficulties we find is getting enough experienced and competent drivers.  Normally we’re used to having things wrapped up at this stage of the year but it has indeed been very busy,” he stated.

A couple of major benefits to Kennedy Agri down through the years have been the respected family name and the fact that there are plenty of loyal customers in the local area which continue to provide them with repeat business.

Eamon himself feels that the repertoire of services that his company offers – coupled with the fact that they know who they’re dealing with – is what sees customers coming back time and time again.

“Although there are a large number of other contractors in our area we are always kept busy,” he said.

“I suppose they choose us because we’re doing such a wide range of services and the fact that we’re a one-stop shop. A lot of people like dealing with the same man whether it is for sowing the grass seed to putting it in the pit to feeding it to their livestock”

The fleet of 13 tractors which sit in the Kennedy Agri yard in Callan are largely combined between the John Deere and Case brands.  Eamon goes to Farm Power and TFM for his John Deeres.

He recently purchased a 7830 John Deere tractor from Farm Power in Cork. This time last year he added a New Holland TVT to the fleet.

Eamon also has in his fleet a unique machine around these parts.  The John Deere 7800 silage harvester which was the only one sold here in Ireland.

We do a lot of our own mechanical work with most repairs and maintenance carried out through the quieter winter months.

“I’m not sure if I’ll buy next year but we are thinking of updating the harvester, so it is a possibility,” he said.

“We run a Big M that we do most of our mowing with along with a set of John Deere triple mowers. For the tillage harvesting we run a TF78, TX36 and Deutz Fahr 1630 Combine.”

Indeed a wide range seems to be what the Kennedys are going for in every sense, whether it be machinery or services, so it’s no surprise to see the success their company has had over the last few years.

Don’t be surprised to see the expansion continue in Callan again in 2019…

Kennedy Agri

Ahenure, Callan, Co. Kilkenny

Tel: 087-2489988

Email: [email protected]

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 7 No 1, February/March 2019