Mulchrone Bros lead the way in Connacht

25 Feb , 2015  

It’s a landmark year for Mulchrone Bros Ltd. in County Mayo, who are celebrating 40 years in business, as well as ten years as Kubato agents and almost 20 years as Yamaha ATV agents. We dropped into the Westport depot to take a closer look at this long-standing plant and agricultural machinery supplier.

A family-run business established by brothers Dominic and Padraic Mulchrone, Mulchrone Bros Ltd. has been offering its customers excellent products and an outstanding back-up service for four decades now. A household name in agricultural plant hire in the West of Ireland, they started out as agricultural contractors, carrying out work for farmers in the surrounding area.

Year on year, the business grew in line with increased demand and soon they started to supply agricultural machinery as well as machines to building contractors, local authorities and other public bodies.

Serving the farming community was their main reason for going into business in the mid-seventies. Today, this still remains as one of their top priorities.

In 1995, Mulchrones were awarded the Yamaha ATV agency, which they still have today. At this time they introduced the ATV to farmers in the local area and this has had a huge impact to the way farming is carried out.

Mulchrone Bros Ltd. has continued to grow since then and has been appointed main dealer for a vast range of equipment covering the farming, grounds care, hire, building and local authority markets. They are agents for Kubota, NC engineering, Nugent trailers and equipment, Malone equipment, Yamaha ATV, Quad X attachments, Woods trailers, Einbock, Rocha, Belmac etc.

Customers are at the very core of the business and the reputation of Mulchrone Bros has been built on a policy of providing customers with products and services that they can rely on at all times. The business is – and always has been – 100% customer-driven.

To this end, they carry a large stock of spare parts to ensure that machine downtime is kept to a minimum. Their fully-qualified service staff have garnered many years of experience in various types of machinery and can work through breakdowns in a common sense and practical way. All fitters are trained on the maintenance and service of all products supplied.

Mulchrone Bros Ltd. boasts its own purpose-built workshop, which is used to keep the machines they sell in top shape.

As Mulchrone Bros is a family-run business, great care is taken to ensure that the Mulchrone name continues to remain strong. There are five Mulchrones at work throughout the company (Dominic’s sons Dominic Jnr., Sean and Joe representing ht second generation) and the family members carry out various roles from management to truck driving. The directors are fully transparent and easily contactable; they like to remain in direct touch with their customers and would know most of them on a first-name basis.

They employ a staff of approximately 15 full time as well as occasional part time workers to help out during busy peaks.

Mulchrone Bros Ltd. has been appointed main agent for Nugent trailers and equipment; Woods Trailers; Quad X equipment; and Blaney equipment as well as a vast range of other top quality suppliers. They have been supplying equipment from these suppliers for over ten years in each case so they have built up the necessary knowledge and experience to help customers choose the right item for their needs.

Mulchrones were appointed Kubota M series agents at the end of 2004 and since have been appointed to sell Kubota L series tractors, Kubota RTVs and grass care equipment.  Taking on this agency was a natural progression as the directors were fully aware of the fact that Kubota had a good reputation for quality and reliability and that any product they offered would be in a league of its own.

They introduced the tractors to customers, holding a local launch day, attending local shows,  local advertising etc. Since then, they have sold many Kubota M series tractors and these have built a reputation for easy operation, economical running costs, great manoeuvrability and a good resale value.

The company’s stores carry a full range of spares for all types of machines from ATVs to excavators. They carry a large stock of Kubota spares and consumables such as filters, oils, glass etc. and often have in stock that unusual part even for an older tractor or excavator.

They also run a hire business which supplies excavators form 0.8-21 tonne, dumpers from ¼-10tonne, load-alls, skid steers, trailers, rollers etc, the list goes on and on. Mulchrone Bros demonstrate to their customers their commitment to the machines they sell by using those machines themselves.

This shows the customer that machines, tractors and attachments can be put through hard work on hire and contracting basis with no problem.
A one-stop shop for all your agricultural machinery needs, covering all of Connacht and beyond, Mulchrone Bros also supply a vast range of tractor, ATV and excavator attachments from trailers, mowers, loader attachments, log splitters, power boxes to name but a few. They also supply a full range of trailers for cars, vans, jeeps etc.

Customers can come in and look around to see all the stock. Mulchrones like to carry as many items as possible as they feel it is impossible to imagine an item seen on a page. They’d rather allow customers to see firsthand the features of machines, drive them and see how they function and feel. When a customer purchases a new machine – for example a Kubota M108S – they can perhaps further their relationship with the customer by supplying a trailer. This leads to the customer getting a better deal than having to travel to a different agency for a different brand of trailer.

This works across the range in that a person who buys a Yamaha ATV for example may need a trailer to transport it, which Mulchrone Bros can supply.

Featuring a website which will be updated shortly and a facebook page which further increases awareness of the business, Mulchrone Bros have attended many local shows throughout the year including the Bonniconlon show and the Connaught Agri show.

Twenty-fourteen is a landmark year for this impressive family operation … and for its customers. One gets the distinct impression that there are many more to come!

Mulchrone Bros Ltd.

Castlebar Road,
County Mayo
Phone: 098 29122
Fax: 098 29150
Mobile: 087 2411120
[email protected]

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 2 No 1, May 2014