Michelin introduces new tractor tyres

1 Mar , 2019  

News likely to appeal to agricultural contractors and farmers alike is the announcement from Michelin that latest versions of its RoadBib tractor tyres are now available.
Following nearly two years of extensive end-user testing with agricultural contractors across Europe, the tyres are said by the manufacturer to be the ‘first fitments for 200+hp tractors designed specifically to provide high performance, longevity and traction on machines used intensively on the road – whilst increasing driver comfort and extending tyre life’.
Taking part in the pre-launch testing process with his Fendt 828 Vario was Lee Henzell, owner of Henzell Enterprises in Northumberland. Commenting, he says: “We regularly operate up to 80 miles from base and have clocked up 4,000 hours with the RoadBibs to-date, whereas we normally get as little as 1,500 hours from a set of traditional lugged front tyres.
“Our projections show we should hit 8,000 hours before needing to replace the RoadBibs – that’s effectively the life of the tractor for us, wiping out our tyre bill.”
Accordingly to Michelin, agricultural contractors typically spend more than 50 per cent of their time on the road – equivalent to 80 per cent of their total distance travelled – and often coupled to heavy trailers, which adds to the stress on the tyres. Their challenge therefore with the latest RoadBib was to create a tractor tyre which would work primarily on tarmac and hard surfaces, providing high traction and longevity, but which could also perform well in fields on soft soil.
The Michelin RoadBib tyre is available initially in sizes 600/70 R30 and 710/70 R42.