John Deere FarmSight at Precision Farming

13 Feb , 2015  

Leading the way in innovative precision farming technologies and dealer services, John Deere FarmSight now features Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) and Remote Display Access (RDA).

Both of these new developments are being demonstrated alongside the web resource on the company’s stand at Precision Farming 2015.

The Operations Centre in allows farmers and contractors to manage their land and their machinery fleet from a central location.  After logging onto their own secure site, they are able to allocate their equipment to specific tasks, track the work progress of the machines and adjust work orders to match actual weather conditions.

In addition to machine information, the Operations Centre provides field information, with both displayed on a map. With these enhancements, customers can view the documentation data coming from the John Deere GreenStar 2630 display in the vehicle cab. For example, users can then analyse and compare yields to decide which varieties should be planted next season, or they can print out reports for invoicing purposes.

As a result the Operations Centre enables users to get a quick overview of ongoing operations to make sure the right equipment is in the right place at the right time, as well as to make sound business decisions based on accurate agronomic information. users can also securely share data with trusted third parties, such as crop consultants, contractors and dealers, at any time and from any location.

To support a seamless data flow between the GreenStar 2630 display and, as well as facilitate the documentation, John Deere has introduced the new Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) system. During the harvesting season, yield data can be sent wirelessly to the web portal and is available as soon as the combine operator finishes the field. WDT also allows the user to transmit information to the GreenStar cab display and  prepare the equipment for the next job. This includes set-up data or prescription maps for sprayers, spreaders and drills, for example.

WDT is available to farmers and contractors who operate machines equipped with JDLink telematics, a GreenStar 2630 display including an ethernet cable and a suitable subscription. It can be activated in two ways: either automatically when the machine operator enters a new field, or when the driver activates the system to start the data flow.

One important element of the concept is to allow all-makes connectivity. While JDLink Ultimate is for John Deere machines only, JDLink Select is available as a universal solution to retrofit to non-Deere machines as well as used equipment. The award-winning Remote Display Access (RDA) is another integral part of the JDLink telematics fleet management system, which uses the machine’s integrated CAN-bus to view key performance data.

RDA enables the dealer or farm manager to remotely view the GreenStar 2630 display and CommandCentre in the cab of a tractor, combine or forage harvester and, if necessary, advise the operator on how to optimise machine and implement settings.

For example, JDLink reports and customer recommendations are available to analyse machine use, working hours and average engine load.

This enables the dealer to suggest that the customer should keep an eye on idle machine time, consider increased use of guidance systems and eventually adopt a more fuel efficient driving habit.

The dealer can also carry out targeted operator training, even with third parties involved. Likewise, off-site experts can remotely view the driver’s screen for real-time troubleshooting and operator advice in the field.

According to John Deere, using RDA technology can reduce the operator assistance cost* by around 30 per cent, improve machine utilisation and performance, and lead to significant time and input savings.