John Cummins Tyres Ltd marks 20 years

8 Nov , 2019  

Celebrating 20 years in business, John Cummins Tyres Ltd in Co Kilkenny continues to provide its clients with an unbeatable tyre service. Irish Tractor & Agri caught up with the man behind it all to learn more.

Since ‘Day One’, service and quality have been what John Cummins Tyres Ltd is all about.

Operating from Tullaroan, Co Kilkenny, the company repairs, sources and fits a full range of tyres for all vehicle types, from passenger cars to the largest agricultural machinery.

John guarantees his customers professional, high-quality, cost-effective solutions and it’s the reason why his business has grown year on year to the point it finds itself now; celebrating two decades in business.

He offers his customers thoroughly-professional, punctual and value-for money solutions that will get them back on the road (or field, or quarry) as quickly and safely as possible.

Using only the highest quality materials and workmanship, John Cummins Tyres Ltd has developed a glowing reputation for itself as one of the leading tyre repairers/fitters in the greater Kilkenny area.

John himself has been immersed in tyre work for all his working life now and reflected on how he first came to find the business.

“I set the business up in 1999, having worked in tyres before that,” he outlined.

“There was nobody in this area mending tyres or giving a service in this direction. People were getting onto me and asking if I’d be able to help them out and eventually I decided to just set up the business. It has worked out well for me and we’re still here today.”

John set-up the business with a single van and within 12 months he had a second on the road.

The fleet swelled up to five in the boom times and today he has four vans in his fleet – three of which are on the road full-time.

When John had first started up his business venture, it was from a garage at the side of his house.

“I then rented a facility in an Industrial Estate close to Urlingford before purchasing this premises on a half-acre site in 2005,” he explained.

The well-appointed, spacious facility is well stocked with tyres of all description, to suit everything from cars, vans and trucks to tractors, tankers, earth movers and diggers. Indeed, the agri market is a very important one which accounts for a significant percentage of John Cummins Tyres Ltd’s overall business:

“I do a lot of vulcanising / repair work on tractor and agri tyres that have been cut or damaged,” he confirms.

“This is a very popular service as it can save farmers a lot of money and we attract customers from as far away as Galway, Nenagh, Tipperary town and Waterford.”

The power of positive word of mouth ensures a steady stream of new customers seeking to avail of John’s superb services.

When it comes to large tyres on agricultural equipment, the difference in price between a repair and replacement can be eye-watering…

“It could cost on average as much as €2,500 for a new tyre and we can repair it for around €150-200 and it will be like new,” John pointed out.

Offering his customers a 24/7 service, John imports tyres himself directly from the continent and insists on only the highest-quality products.

He stocks all the premium brands, including Bridgestone and Michelin etc., but also sources more affordable alternatives with the emphasis always on quality and safety.

“In my opinion, Barkley are making the best agri tyres these days and we fit a lot of those.

“We’re busy all the time, which is encouraging. The mobile vans are out on the road every day and we also have a lot of work going on in the workshop, so we can’t complain.”

Customer service and satisfaction combined remains paramount at John Cummins Tyres Ltd.

“We give the service and that’s the bottom line. When a customer is having trouble with his tyre, he wants to be sorted out as conveniently and painlessly as possible.

“If a lad wants a tyre fixed, then we will do it, no problem, and get them back up and running again. If he wants tyres replaced, we will do that too. Whatever the customer wants or needs, that’s what we are here to provide. We’ll also give them professional advice on the best course of action to take.

“It’s all down to service. We give a very good service and we stand over our work. We fit a quality tyre and make sure that everything is right before the customer drives off.”

Four-wheel alignment and balancing services are also provided as well as a truck balancing service for commercial vehicle owners.

Gainful employment is provided to a team of three – John and his wife Valerie in addition to a full-time tyre fitter. A 24/7 service is offered.

“You can get calls at any time of the day or night and you have to look after the customer. I never switch the mobile off,” the Managing Director confirmed.

He concluded: “When it comes to tyres, quality is everything.  Some of them are too thin or have no sidewall and I won’t touch those ones. I go for quality brands that I know are going to serve their purpose and I stand over them.”

John Cummins Tyres Ltd,


Co Kilkenny.

Tel: 056 776 9855

Mobile: 087-2848140

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 7 No 4, August 2019