Irish farmers are adding 15k to their bottom line by using mineral supplementation

29 Apr , 2019  

IMinerals have a huge importance in maintaining a healthy herd. Irish family run company, TERRA NutriTECH supply tailor-made mineral blends to suit individual herds. The automatic supplement improves calving, herd performance and fertility amongst many other benefits.     

Farmers using this innovative mineral technology are adding on average 15k to their annual bottom line.     

The benefits of using TERRA NutriTECH’s mineral supplement: 

  • Fertility: using the mineral supplementation results in a reduction in empty cows.  
  • Lameness: reduces lameness in herds by 6-8% 
  • Mastitis: reduces by 5% 
  • Less expensive feed: Using mineral technology in water allows farmers to opt for less expensive feed such as straights as the herd is receiving adequate nutrition through the water system.

The Irish mineral company are urging farmers to look at the huge benefits that mineral supplementation has on their herd health and finances. Padraig Hennessey, Chief Executive Officer of TERRA NutriTECH says, “Our customers are having a huge benefit to their bottom line annually while having less disease, infertility and mortality within their herds.” 

Magnesium is hugely advantageous for tetany in particular. It is also proven to improve the ease of calving, increases milk yields and solids and prevents milk fever. Magnesium also helps to mobilise minerals and to achieve good grass management. Bloat Oil is another element which is vital inpreventing and treating bloat in cattle.  

The technology behind the OPIS Controller regulates mineral dosage based on herd numbers, ensuring the herd receives the perfect dosage no matter how much the herd drinks.   

The Terra Controller is designed to overcome variations in water consumption ensuring that the herd receives the correct dose of magnesium and minerals.  

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