Farmers always find ‘quality product, service and back-up’ at Paul Cooney Sales Ltd

7 Aug , 2020  

The aim of Paul Cooney Sales Ltd of County Cavan is to provide the best turnkey feed solutions for pig and dairy farms. They boast a proven track record when it comes to meeting their needs of their valued customers. Irish Tractor & Agri met up with Paul Cooney to find out more.

Paul Cooney Sales Ltd. supply and install an extensive range of agricultural equipment, including pig and dairy feeds, ventilation systems and feed milling equipment.

They have over 37 years’ experience in the agricultural engineering industry and possess valuable knowledge and insight into which systems are the most efficient and cost effective, allowing them to offer their customers some of the most competitive rates on the market.

They offer a comprehensive service, meaning they can design and assemble agricultural solutions based on your requirements, streamlining all operations and eliminating the need for multiple points of contact.

They design and manage your project from start to finish and pride themselves on delivering same day services which they offer to customers nationwide. As a business, Paul Cooney Sales Ltd strive to source the highest quality components for their projects from across the world.

When asked what the secrets of the company’s success are, Paul answered: “quality product, service and back-up” without hesitation. “We have a lot of experience, know-how and knowledge,” he added.

Today, the company has seven employees on its payroll, including Paul’s daughter, Paula.

Paul Cooney Sales Ltd. is a leading supplier of dry feeding equipment for all types of pig housing, both flex auger and cable disc feed systems. They stock five various sizes of flex auger which range from 2inch to 5inch.

They also carry a wide range of spare parts for both Funki and Datamix wet feed systems.

In 2008, Paul and his team developed a unique roof ventilation system for pig housing. This system eliminates the negative effect of high outside windspeed on your pig house, thus resulting in the perfect environment inside in pig building.

They stock a full range of all pig equipment needed on any pig farm.

On the dairy side of things, their galvanized feed storage bins are manufactured to the highest quality and tailor made to suit each farmer’s needs. Their feed systems are grant approved by the Department of Agriculture.

They also specialise in flex augers for milking robots throughout Ireland and are a leading supplier of flex auger feed systems throughout the country. Their batch feed systems are uniquely designed to each and every milking parlour.

They also stock a full range of agriculture ventilation fans to keep your livestock shed ventilated and cool.

If it is meal bins or gain silos you are after, their range of feed silos start at 4ton to 100ton and all silos are delivered and erected to your site. These silos are grant approved by the Department of Agriculture under the TAMS scheme.

Spare parts are another string that Paul Cooney Sales has to their bow. They stock a full range of spare parts for all sizes of flex augers, ventilation spare parts (controllers and winches) and all spare parts for wet feed systems and feed pumps.

In addition, they wholesale flex auger and piping and are Ireland’s premier supplier of Varvel gearboxes and motors.

“We supply renowned products that have been tried and tested over many years. I actually hired another fitter today and we are tipping away. If it continues to be this busy we will take on more staff. That wasn’t my intention at the start, I had planned to work a away with a couple of lads but business has been better than I had anticipated.

“We provide a nationwide service, from Waterford to Antrim, and the future outlook for the business is very positive. I have been fortunate to have always made a good living from it. There’s no better people to invest money in their farms than farmers and I greatly appreciate the support we have received and continue to receive from the farming community in Ireland.”

Paul Cooney Sales Ltd.
Co. Cavan

[email protected]

049 432 3887

086 254 3786

First published in Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 8 No 1, February/March 2020