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30 Sep , 2020  

Regarded as one of Ireland’s leading providers of technical, electrical and mechanical support and installation services for Environmental and Renewable Energy projects, LSR is well positioned to capitalise on the projected future growth in the anaerobic digestion market on the island.

Established in 2018 by Stephen Loughlin (Technical & Electrical Director) and Alan Sloan (Mechanical & Maintenance Director), Derry-based LSR is a provider of technical, electrical and mechanical support and installation services for Environmental and Renewable Energy projects.

The company’s stated aim is to “provide the expertise to ensure the plant operates efficiently to maximise the energy supply, thereby maintaining a healthy and profitable plant for the end user”.

With a focus on the anaerobic digestion (AD) and energy from waste (EfW) sectors, their team of highly skilled engineers, technicians and project managers has an excellent record of delivering complex technical projects on time and within budget.

In the Biogas Market, LSR is one of the only companies to have designed, delivered and be fully trained in a variety of bespoke systems from Quick mix and Batch Plants; it is also one of only a few manufacturer trained companies to offer a Premix system.

LSR also offers a tailored made support package after completion and handover of projects. These packages are designed to offer a full arms around package to ensure the plant remains profitable during its operational lifespan.

As a result of the above, they help all kinds of organisations to lower their carbon footprint, become self-sufficient in energy production and enable them to generate income from selling power/gas back to the national grid.

To date, LSR personnel have been involved in over 30 Biogas Installations nationwide and are currently responsible for the Mechanical, Technical and Electrical Support to over 20 of these projects.

Both directors take great care in managing and delivering all of their projects and support packages on time and within budget. Stephen and Alan have over 40 years’ collective experience in the process engineering sector and have 12 years’ experience in the Biogas market. 

They are backed by a committed core of staff that can handle projects from design stage right through to commissioning and client handover. 

Apart from the anaerobic digestion and energy from waste sectors, the progressive company’s staff hold all the relevant qualifications required to operate, efficiently, effectively and productively in all process and environmental sectors.

In addition, LSR have ISO 9001/14001/45001 accreditation to ensure the services and products they offer are of the highest standards. 

“We started out two years ago with just the two of us but in the space of two years we have grown our workforce to 10,” Stephen Loughlin revealed, “and that consists of three mechanical engineers, 3 electrical engineers, two technical engineers and one administrator/stock controller.”

Stephen, Alan and their team are committed to working in close collaboration with their clients from an early stage, helping them reduce costs, providing a flexible and responsive service and giving them access to new technologies, skills and the necessary expertise for all projects.

LSR counts the Glenmore Anaerobic Digestion Facility, which is located in Ballybofey, Co. Donegal, amongst its expanding list of satisfied clients.

The Glenmore Project is a large-scale 4MW AD plant, constructed by the WIS Group in 2015. The project includes cattle-sheds on-site so that animal slurry is easily contained to be diverted to the four large digesters. The site also has pasteurization capability to handle a wide variety of waste streams and is also designed to handle significant quantities of poultry litter produced from this intensive agri-food industry within Ireland.

The biogas produced on-site is also upgraded to recover the carbon dioxide as an additional revenue stream and the upgraded biogas is being pressurized to 250 bar so that it can be economically road transported for consumption at other sites.

The total build cost of this project was around £23m, and the plant started taking waste from March 2017. The plant is expected to take up to 25,000 tonnes of poultry litter, as well as slurry and silage.

After the demise of WIS, the Plant was left without the support and expertise required to complete the plant and to achieve full operational output.

LSR was tasked by the plant owners and funders to provide technical advice and software implementations and upgrades, to optimise the existing plant and to help it reach its full potential. LSR also supplies Mechanical & Electrical support and Maintenance to the plant’s operational teams and enjoys a good working relationship with all involved.

“We provide a local service and that is one of our key strengths,” Stephen added. “If we get a call from one of our clients, we jump in the van and call out to address anything that may arise.

“Under ISO, we are vetted every year to ensure that the internal policies are in place to support us in providing the service and products that we say we will provide.”

LSR has enjoyed a rapid rise since its inception and it is anticipated that the company’s graph will continue on an upward trajectory in the years ahead.

“We are waiting for the market to really open up in the Republic of Ireland, there is going to be a massive influx of AD plants,” Stephen informed. “Obviously, we are waiting for those plants to come on stream, but we have experience of working down in the south and providing local support. We’re good to go on all aspects of anaerobic digestion,” he concluded.

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First published in Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 8 No 2, Summer 2020