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11 Jan , 2019  

Tommy Guing Construction Ltd specialises mainly in the agricultural building sector, but their reputation for providing an excellent service through quality workmanship has saw them expand into other areas.

Not only are they are dedicated to the agricultural industry but another sector that they have become more involved in is the equine industry.

A family run business with over 40 years’ experience in farm construction; they are based in Co. Kildare and cover all of Leinster.

A dedicated team of five are employed directly by the Guing family, while they use many trusted sub-contractors to carry out their work to the standard that not only they expect, but their customers’ demand.

Alan Guing spoke to Irish Tractor & Agri about how the business continues to remain busy and the key areas that they are focused on.

One of these key areas is health and safety which Alan stressed is something that they are continuously focused on. “We would take health and safety very seriously. It is an area that needs to be addressed more in the farming community. At the end of the day nothing is worth an injury or worse a fatality,” stated Alan.

“But, we would place a great emphasis on this and we are audited on a regular basis and we ensure that everything is done properly.”

Alan revealed that they are kept busy at the moment with a number of jobs ongoing, which they are pleased about.

“We treat every job as if it’s our own and every job, no matter how big or small, gets the same attention. We cover all of Leinster and a high percentage of our work is for repeat customers. Word of mouth recommendations are the best form of advertising and we’ve been fortunate that our high standard of work has resulted in additional work.”

As stated, the agricultural sector is where Guing Construction Ltd is at its busiest and they provide a number of services within this sector.

They specialise in all concrete formwork and laying of concrete floors and yards. Whether it be slatted tanks, silage pits, grain stores or cattle sheds, they provide a full service from start to finish.

The following is a list of the construction services they provide and their most common types of work: slatted tanks, silage pits, milking parlours, cubicle beds, feed troughs, beef units, stables, grain and meal stores, concrete yards, demolition and renovation of old buildings, all concrete formwork, cattle crushes and holding areas, rotary parlours and robotic parlours.

They also provide a service of structural steel buildings, whether you require a new project or just renovation of old buildings. Their rates are highly competitive while their standard of work remains extremely high.

No stone is left unturned to ensure every project, no matter how big or small, gets just as much attention and appreciation as those before and after. Many of their customers are long term who have come to them time and time again.

“The Tommy Guing name is what gets us our work and we are very conscious of the need to protect that at all times.  It would be very easy for us to sit back and be less hands on, but the fact that we are on site, we can guarantee our work.”

Alan added that they are quite busy on the equine side of the business, which has seen them go from one job to another through word of mouth.

“We are doing some work in the Curragh at the moment. It is an area that we have always worked in, but it has certainly got busier in the last year or so. We are booked up now until Christmas and we hope to push on that side of the business.”

Alan and Thomas junior are what you would describe as hands-on directors, while father Tom is also still involved in the day to day running of business and their attention to detail is second to none.

The family connection doesn’t stop there as Thomas’ wife Jen and Alan’s wife Maria look after the administration side of the business.

Alan concluded with despite there being a number of grants available for farm buildings, farmers are funding a lot of the work themselves.

“A lot of the work that we are involved in is funded by the farmer themselves and not the grants. There are a lot of progressive young farmers out there and they are spending money to maximise the potential of their farms.”

Tommy Guing Construction Ltd



Co. Kildare


Tommy Guing 087 258 4623

Tom Guing 087 239 2564

Alan Guing 087 281 7222

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.tgconstruction.ie

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 6 No 5, August 2018