A professional approach stands Cullen Farming Contractors in good stead

6 Feb , 2020  

Cullen Farming Contractors Ltd is a well-established family-run Rathdrum, Co Wicklow based agricultural contractor providing an extensive range of services to the local farming community. Brian Cullen highlighted that customer satisfaction is at the core of everything they do in conversation with Irish Tractor & Agri magazine.

Cullen Farming Contractors Ltd are experienced in all areas of agricultural work and boast a deserved reputation for the delivery of the highest quality work – on time and at a cost effective price.

The Cullen family name has been synonymous with the local agricultural sector ever since Eamon Cullen established the business back in 1979. Today the company is run by Eamon’s son Brian, his partner Jennifer Whelan and their loyal staff of five full-time employees.

Brian learned the tricks of the trade from Eamon during the summer months growing up and he has inherited his father’s strong work ethos not to mention his commitment to meeting the needs of the farmers that they are proud to carry out work on behalf.

Put simply, he is carrying on a fine family tradition…

“I grew up working in the business, spending every summer out in the fields with dad before going full-time after finishing my Leaving Certificate 15 years ago,” Brian explained to Irish Tractor & Agri magazine. “I have gained plenty of experience down through the years and Dad still helps out from time to time. We employ five full-time staff and that number rises during peak times.”

Keen to expand and grow the business, Brian added a Terragator to his impressive fleet of up-to-date and well-maintained fleet of machinery, which includes five John Deere tractors, recently and that has proven to be a very popular choice for slurry application.

The exhaustive list of services that Cullen Farming Contractors provide their valued clients covers: fine ground magnesium and calcium lime delivered and spread; ploughing, power harrowing, sowing, land levelling and rolling, maize sowing under plastic and non plastic; spraying; slurry spreading and agitating, also slurry injection, dung spreading; mowing complete silage outfit; large square baling and wrapping; round bale wrapping; combine harvesting, grain haulage and hedge cutting.

“We also do Christmas trees,” Brian added just in case we forgot something!. “We do practically everything, we cater for all grasses that can be sown and all different types of tillage.”

Brian is pleased to report that their services are very much in demand as farmers seek to ease the workload on their busy farms.

“Things are going very good, we seem to be busy all year round and there never seems to be a dull moment which, of course, is great from our point of view,” he answered.  “We’re slurrying and cutting silage at the minute but the way the weather is it’s a bit stop-start. We’ll be starting baling soon enough and we are always at reseeding, sowing and silage.”

When asked to identify what separates Cullen Farming Contractors from the rest, the 34-year-old answered: “We are professional at what we do. We don’t run a farm ourselves so that allows us focus fully on the contracting business.

“Farmers call us and they appreciate the fact that we come in and get the job done. Not every job runs smoothly, there can always be breakdowns with gear, old and new,  but it doesn’t matter. Knowing how to get yourself going again quickly and finishing the job is key for us.”

He added: “We cover a 25 to 35 mile radius and customers that were originally with my father for well over 35 years have stayed loyal to me while most of our more recent clients have come to us by recommendation.

“We pride ourselves on good quality work and always getting the job done on time. We’re at it a long time and know what we are doing. It’s impossible to keep everyone happy all the time but knowing that is half the battle as long as you are always trying your best. We treat other people’s jobs as our own and we have a certain standard that we always try to reach when it comes to nice, neat work.”

If you would like to discuss any jobs that you might need done, then please contact Brian and his team and they can talk you through your requirements. For all your agricultural and farm needs, Cullen Farming Contractors Ltd can deliver the highest quality results.

Cullen Farming Contractors Ltd


Co Wicklow


Brian 087- 6464414

Eamon 087- 7413268

Office 087- 9226039

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.cullenagri.com

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 7 No 5, September/October 2019