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11 Apr , 2019  

Midland Cladding & Steel Services Ltd has a reputation for quality products and services that are customer specific and made to order on very short lead times. Their experienced staff are committed to assisting their customers from concept to completion.

With over 30 years’ experience in the roofing and steel industry, Midland Cladding & Steel Services Ltd has grown to become a full-service facility offering a broad range of products and services for all roofing and steel supplies.

Whether for agriculture, commercial, industrial or domestic use, their full range of products are designed to meet their customers’ specific needs and requirements. They above all try to ensure that every customer they deal with is 100% satisfied and if there is any problem, large or small, they have always tried to resolve it to the best of their ability to the customer’s satisfaction.

“In a nutshell, a farmer can come in our gates and find everything they will need, as well as the accessories required, to build a shed,” explained Manager Paul Daly. “They can buy the steel off the shelf and all the accessories related to the business that we are in. They can go on their way and build the shed themselves. Basically, we offer our customers a one-stop shop when it comes to manufacturing sheds.”

The progressive company has achieved ISO 9001-2015 accredited and Steel Institute UK certification and has come a long way from humble beginnings…

“The business was established over 30 years ago by Gerry Donaghy,” Paul explained. “Initially, it operated on a small scale behind his house – stock holding steel, importing cladding and a small bit of fabrication.

“In 1995, we started roll forming our cladding as opposed to importing and buying it from suppliers. Then, in recent years, constructed a second factory on site and consolidated the business.”

Open Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm), Midland Cladding & Steel Services Ltd’s extensive product portfolio includes steel, cladding, purlins, flashing, timber, guttering, aluminum, door gear, sheds and hardware.

From a services point of view, they provide a welding service where they can fabricate any project to their customers specifications. They can also help in the design as they have many years of experience across a wide range of products

Their top of the range band saw is capable of cutting any angle and any size section up to the maximum of 500mm x 300mm therefore they provide a cut to length service to satisfy their customers’ specific requirements. Their metal worker can cut flat ban up to a maximum of 400mm x 12mm. They also cut plate to their customers’ specifications with their 3000mm x 8mm guillotine.

When it comes to folding, they have a 160 TON x 3500 Hydraulic Press Brake for plate bending. They also have a Euromac Digibend 400 CNC Horizontal Bending Machine. This is capable of folding small parts very quickly. It’s also capable of bending Piping from 33mm O.D to 60mm O.D. The latest addition to the operation is a Plasma Cutter on a 3000mm x 1500mm bed which can cut up to a profile of 25mm.

In addition, they have the capability to punch holes in flat bar to a maximum size of 45mm in 12mm plate. With their Radial Drill they can drill holes small and large in any steel sections that meets their customers’ requirements.

The firm are also specialists in all types of cladding – box profile, corrugated profile, clear length and vented profile. These can be made to order, manufactured to customer specific length are come in 0.5mm/0.7mm gauges.

Midland Cladding now manufactures tile effect cladding using their latest roll former. This product is similar in appearance to traditional Irish made concrete roof tile but longer lasting. It comes in a choice of PVC or polyester coating with a wide variety of colours manufactured from 0.7mm heavy gauge galvanised steel.

Midland Cladding & Steel also provide a galvanising service with their partners, Silverwood Galvanising. Items for galvanising can be turned around in seven days. Currently they are collected every Wednesday morning and returned the following Wednesday. They can also offer the service of powder coating these items to the customers’ choice of colour.

“That is the model the business built on,” Paul pointed out. “We make to order, to customers’ specifications and pride ourselves on our extremely fast turnaround time. That model has stayed with us all through the years and has served us well as a company.”

Company founder Gerry has taken a back seat nowadays and his two sons, Sean and Fintan, currently occupy the director seats. Paul has worked with Midland Cladding & Steel since 1995 and is currently one of 15 employees.

“A dedicated workforce is a vital part in any business but particularly in this type of business,” he said. “You need consistency and people that are proficient at what they are doing. Our employees, some of whom have been working here since the 90s, know the customers’ needs, the business and the industry. As a company we have developed good relationships with our customers and our employees play an integral part in helping us to achieve that.”

Like a lot of businesses in this country, Midland Cladding & Steel experienced challenging trading conditions in the not too distant past but the tide appears to have turned in their favour.

“We had a few lean years but, in fairness, we were lucky that we had the agricultural business because that kept us going. We are centrally located and have a big customer base spanning a 30 to 40 mile radius. We deal directly with the farmer as well as contractors.

“2018 is shaping up to have been a relatively good year,” Paul continued. “We are well aware that times are tough for some farmers but if farmers have money they will spend it on modifications to their farmyards to keep ahead of progress.”

Midland Cladding & Steel Services Ltd

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Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 6 No 8, December 2018/January 2019