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12 Aug , 2020  

Farmers are continually challenged to cut costs, increase revenue and improve financial performance. John Crowley Consulting has a proven track record in helping farmers improve efficiencies on their farms.

Established by John Crowley in 1996, the Bandon, County Cork-based practice has provided strategic advice to farmers and agribusiness to support profitability, competitiveness, sustainability and personal goals by providing value added services. They provide a confidential independent professional service.

Their offices are located in the most intensive farming area in the country and their client base extends over Munster and South Leinster. A close association with other service providers such as other Agri Consultants, Accountants, Analytical Laboratories, Legal Firms, Valuers, Engineers etc. allows them to provide a fully comprehensive “one stop shop” service to any farming business.

They specialise entirely in agricultural services which enables them to hone in on their specialist skills. The cost and timeline(s) of all services are discussed with the client initially and the consultant allocated will remain with the client to completion.

Availability is the cornerstone of any service industry. John Crowley Consulting will keep you fully appraised at all stages. They pride themselves on their candour and will tell you as they see it. Initial assessment is on a without prejudice basis.

Donal Corkery joined the business in 2004 after graduating from UCD with a degree in Agricultural Science and, along with Managing Director John and efficient secretary Anne Twomey, he is always available at the end of the phone to help out with any queries clients might have.

“I’m a jack of all trades!” Donal quipped when asked to outline his daily duties. “I look after anything that is farmer related from basic payments to nitrates, to grants, planning and inspections.”

Millstreet native Donal hails from a dairy farming background and that gives him an in-depth understanding of his clients’ needs.

“That’s a big advantage because people don’t come much smarter than farmers and if you are waffling it won’t take them long to see through you. Being able to speak the language gives you a good head start when it comes to establishing relationships with new clients.”

John Crowley Consulting’s consultancy services specialise in once off projects e.g. financial planning, staff recruitment, farm transfer, land acquisition by local authorities.

“John has carried out a lot of work around the area of compulsory purchase orders down through the years and that is a big part of the practice,” Donal revealed.  

They can also help when it comes to legal support services, infrastructural works, financial assessment, farm expansion, succession, income tax planning, environmental services and mediation.

Meanwhile, their farm advisory services allow them to work with their clients in the inception, implementation and completion of projects e.g. change in farming practices and expansion of farming programme. They cater for all aspects of farming but dairying would be considered a speciality.

They assess the strengths and weaknesses of farming programmes, put in place a plan to minimise the weaknesses and enhance the strengths. Their plans include setting achievable physical and financial targets as well as the implementation stage which is completed through regular farm visits, office meetings and telephone contact.

They evaluate financial performance with management accounts and physical performance with monthly performance analysis and comparison with targets.

Anyone with the faintest of interest in farming won’t need to be told that the sector has become more regulated and non-adherence to statutory regulations can be a costly experience. Conversely reduced costs and additional income can be generated from state funded schemes and subsidies.

John Crowley Consulting are experts when it comes to nitrates (assessment, soil fertility analysis, fertiliser management plan, application for derogation), single payment and disadvantaged areas application, cross compliance (assist with inspections, dealing with complaints, submitting appeals); AEOS scheme application; disease eradication schemes (including herd number application), TAMS (Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme) and Farm Partnerships.

“A lot of our clients are derogation farmers and that is critical to their operations,” Donal outlined.

“If scaled down in any way it will have a very substantial effect on people. We’re busy ensuring that derogation farmers are in a position to comply with whatever rules are coming down the line. It has become a little bit more tricky, putting the farmer on the straight and narrow it now more difficult that it was but that’s what we do,” he concluded.

Effective, committed, efficient and experienced, get in touch with John, Donal and Anne to find out more about how John Crowley Consulting can help your farm to achieve its full potential.

John Crowley Consulting
Co. Cork

T: 023 8849854
F: 021 2380495
John: 087 2564574
Donal: 087 0523601
E: [email protected]

W: www.crowleyconsulting.ie

First published in Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 8 No 1, February/March 2020