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23 Sep , 2019  

More and more farmers are upgrading their farms in recent times. Farm buildings are a specialised area of work and for this month’s edition of Irish Tractor, we profile a company that focuses mainly on this area.

Burran McAuley Construction Ltd is owned and run by Hugh McAuley who has many years’ experience in the industry. The company carries out all types of farm building work and are specialists in the installation of slatted and grooving of shed and yard floors for safer manoeuvring of Livestock.

Grooving is the most commonly used non-slip technique in Dairy Farming simply because the grooves will stop animal’s hooves sliding for many years, whilst maintaining high animal comfort levels.

The benefits of  Grooved Floors include: Safety for both foot traffic, cattle etc; Grooves are square and sharp for maximum durability; Grooves don’t distort or change flat surface concrete; Grooves encourage mounting for better heat detects.

Greater Cow comfort, reduced stress; Decreased risk of falls to fresh heifers and older cows; Less injuries means less culls; Helps channel away water.

“We would do a lot of concrete grooving for farmers. They see the many benefits of it and from a safety point of view, the animal’s welfare is looked after,” said Hugh.

Cattle’s hooves are well designed – broad enough to support their weight but sharp enough to cut into and grip moist soil. You’ll rarely see a cow or a bullock slip in a field but force them to walk across smooth wet concrete and you can see how nervous they are about slipping.

“The usual areas we do are passageways and holding areas, where cows are standing waiting. But we also do the sides of parlours as well. With all the washing down, they get very slippy.”

The company has a proven track record and is recognised as the number one farm building specialist in Cavan and Meath.

Hugh and the team can plan and design each shed to your specifications and ensure that all your requirements are met. The company can advise you on the specification of materials to use and aims to deliver your farm building on time and within budget. No job is too big or too small for this thriving business which is CE certified, fully insured and complies with all health and safety regulations.

“We were exceptionally busy with orders for slatted sheds, but once the grant scheme ended, things inevitably got quieter. We are still kept busy, mind you, with new and repeat business. The farmer’s income is the determining factor for us at the end of the day.

Burran McAuley Construction Ltd has earned a reputation for providing quality products and a great service at an affordable price, while also ensuring peace of mind both during and after construction. The company’s sheds are built to last! “Ninety-nine per cent of buildings are designed to a different specification,” Hugh points out. “Likewise, no two farmers want the same thing. Some want us to oversee the whole project from start to finish, while others want to put in the concrete or steel themselves. We can also maintain or restore older buildings for them. Whatever they ask for, we will do it to the best of our ability.”

As stated the company’s reputation has been built on the quality of work that they provide and the amount of repeat customers that they have are testament to that.

Hugh is a native of Blacklion, Co Cavan and the company is based there , Hugh is adamant that the best form of advertising is through word of mouth.

“You cannot get a better recommendation then someone who you have done work for telling another person about the work you have done and if that is favourable, there is a good chance you will get that next job.

Burran McAuley Construction Ltd


Co Cavan

Tel: 049-8540000

 Mob: 086-1513284

e-mail: [email protected]

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 7 No 3, June/July 2019