A decade of excellent forestry services

3 Jul , 2019  

Brennan Forestry Machinery Ltd has been at the forefront of the forestry industry in the Connacht region for the past decade. Owner Robert Brennan detailed the services the company provides to its valued clients.

Using state-of-the-art machinery, Brennan Forestry Machinery is a highly experienced timber harvesting company operating throughout Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.

Established by Robert Brennan in 2009, the Williamstown based operation’s timber harvesting services include clearfell, thinnings and road clearance.

“We also do the odd road marking job,” added Robert in conversation with Irish Tractor & Agri magazine.

It was by accident rather than design that Brennan Forestry Machinery came into existence 10 years ago. The downturn in the building sector led Robert down the path of setting up his own forestry company.

“I’m a fitter by trade,” he explained when reflecting on the origins of the business. “I ended up going down this road after things got quiet in the building industry. I employed one person at the start and have five working with me now. I also buy and sell machines every year.”

Ireland’s forests are still expanding and has now reached 11% of the total land area, with a wide variety of forest types present. The total forest area has increased from 697,842 hectares (ha) in 2006 ha to 770,020 ha in 2017.

Timbers sales from private forest owners were estimated at over €25m last year and a recent change in taxation rules means that income from forestry clear-felling is tax free.

The Irish forestry and forestry product sector contributes €2.3 billion to the Irish economy supporting 12,000 jobs.

According to latest estimates, timber production is forecast to double to 7.90 million m3 by 2035, with almost all of the increase being harvested in the private forest sector. If the timber production forecast is realised the opportunity exists to increase the annual value of the sector to €4.5 billion and the support 22,000 jobs, predominantly in rural areas.

As a consequence, Brennan Forestry Machinery’s services are very much in demand from the likes of The Murray Timber Group, Coillte and Green Belt. Work is undertaken for all categories of clients, whether state forests or private woodlands. And no volume of timber is too big or too small.

“We’re extremely busy at the minute,” Robert said, “always doing our best to keep mills supplied with timber.”

Their extensive range of purpose built forestry machinery gives Brennan Forestry Machinery the ability to cover all aspects of timber harvesting; therefore ensuring that the most appropriate form of machinery is used on the job to meet their clients demands, from first thinnings to final felling.

In addition, it ensures they can offer solutions for all kinds of access problems and difficult terrains, enabling them to manage their work and time efficiently.

Their in-depth knowledge and experience means they can safely operate on all levels of terrain, to include steep inaccessible slopes and wet peatlands. They are experts when it comes to difficult terrains.

Robert’s modern and well-maintained fleet of machinery includes two Ponsse Ergo harvesters, a HSM 405 Thinning Machine, a Ponsee forwarder, 2 Timber Jacks (81 D and 1110C) forwarders and a John Deere 1110C forwarder.

The Ponsse Ergo is an ergonomic and powerful harvester for demanding harvesting conditions and steep slopes.

“We tend to prefer Ponsse and John Deere because we have found them to be very reliable,” Robert outlined.

“We carry out a lot of work on difficult access sites, tricky jobs and would consider that to be a bit of a speciality. That is definitely something that we would pride ourselves on.”

As a result, Health and Safety is their greatest priority and Robert and his team will never compromise on safety. All employees are fully trained in the tasks they undertake.

Looking to the future, Robert is optimistic about building on the solid foundations that have been laid over the course of the last decade.

“Things are going okay at the moment and I see no reason why that won’t continue in the years ahead. It’s up to every man to change his own future. There are many challenges in this industry and one of the main ones at this point in time is getting good lads but I’m lucky to have good ones working with me at the moment.”

Want to learn more about Brennan Forestry Machinery Ltd’s services? Give Robert a call at the number below. He will welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements. Excellent customer service defines his approach to his forestry business.

Brennan Forestry Machinery Ltd

Dunmore Rd, Williamstown, Co Galway

Tel: 086 156 5061, Email: [email protected]

Taken from Irish Tractor & Agri magazine Vol 7 No 2, April/May 2019